last changeWed, 24 Jul 2013 22:52:02 +0000 (18:52 -0400)
2013-07-24 Rich Felkerrework langinfo code for ABI compat and for use by... master
2013-07-24 Rich Felkerupdate strxfrm/wcsxfrm for future LC_COLLATE support...
2013-07-24 Rich Felkeradd ABI compat aliases for a number of locale_t functions
2013-07-24 Szabolcs Nagyadd PTRACE_PEEKSIGINFO to ptrace.h
2013-07-24 Szabolcs Nagyadd if_ether.h constants ETH_P_802_3_MIN and ETH_P_BATMAN
2013-07-24 Szabolcs Nagyadd CLOCK_TAI (and CLOCK_SGI_CYCLE) clock ids to time.h
2013-07-24 Szabolcs Nagyremove TCP_COOKIE_TRANSACTIONS from tcp.h
2013-07-24 Szabolcs Nagyadd SO_SELECT_ERR_QUEUE to socket.h
2013-07-24 Rich Felkerprepare strcoll/wcscoll for LC_COLLATE support and...
2013-07-24 Rich Felkeradd _l versions of strtod family functions, purely...
2013-07-24 Rich Felkeradd __wcsftime_l symbol
2013-07-24 Rich Felkermove strftime_l into strftime.c and add __-prefixed...
2013-07-24 Rich Felkermake getaddrinfo with AF_UNSPEC and null host return...
2013-07-24 Rich Felkersupport STB_GNU_UNIQUE symbol bindings in dynamic linker
2013-07-24 Rich Felkermove the dynamic linker's jmp_buf from static to automa...
2013-07-24 Rich Felkerchange jmp_buf to share an underlying type and struct...
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