2012-03-31 Rich Felkermake math.h more c++-friendly
2012-03-29 nszmath: minor cleanups in ceil and floor
2012-03-29 nszmath: remove x86 modf asm
2012-03-29 nszmath: rewrite modf.c and clean up modff.c
2012-03-28 nszmath: fix modfl.c bug
2012-03-27 nszmath: fix a regression in powl and do some cleanups
2012-03-27 nszmath: add dummy tgamma and tgammaf implementations
2012-03-27 nszmath: remove comment about aliasing lgamma as gamma
2012-03-27 nszmath: fix typo in i386 remquof and remquol asm
2012-03-26 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-25 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-25 Rich Felkeradd strfmon_l variant (still mostly incomplete)
2012-03-24 Rich Felkerupdate COPYRIGHT status of TRE regex code
2012-03-24 Rich Felkerupdate README to remove information no longer relevant...
2012-03-23 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-23 Rich Felkerasm for hypot and hypotf
2012-03-23 Rich Felkermake dlerror conform to posix
2012-03-23 nszminor rintl.c fix: remove unsupported ldbl format message
2012-03-23 nszfix tgammal: don't set the signgam global
2012-03-23 Rich Felkersimplify creal and cimag macros
2012-03-22 Rich Felkeradd creal/cimag macros in complex.h (and use them in...
2012-03-22 Rich Felkertgmath.h: suppress any existing macro definitions befor...
2012-03-22 nszacos.s fix: use the formula acos(x) = atan2(sqrt(1...
2012-03-22 Rich Felkersysconf support for dynamic limits (open files and...
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerfix DECIMAL_DIG definitions
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerinitial, very primitive strfmon
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerx86_64 math asm, long double functions only
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerlimits.h: support gcc's -funsigned-char
2012-03-20 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-20 Rich Felkerupgrade to latest upstream TRE regex code (0.8.0)
2012-03-20 nsznearbyint optimization (only clear inexact when necessary)
2012-03-20 nszremove a fixme comment
2012-03-20 nszclean up pow.c and powf.c
2012-03-20 nszclean up powl.c
2012-03-20 nszfix a cbrtl.c regression and remove x87 precision setting
2012-03-20 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-20 Rich Felkeroptimize scalbn family
2012-03-20 Rich Felkerremquo asm: return quotient mod 8, as intended by the...
2012-03-20 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-20 Rich Felkeruse alternate formula for acos asm to avoid loss of...
2012-03-20 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-20 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-20 Rich Felkerfix exp asm
2012-03-19 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-19 nszcode cleanup of named constants
2012-03-19 nszfix remainder*.c: remove useless long double cast
2012-03-19 nszdon't try to create non-standard denormalization signal
2012-03-19 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-19 nsznew modff.c code, fix nan handling in modfl
2012-03-19 nszuse scalbn or *2.0 instead of ldexp, fix fmal
2012-03-19 nszfix long double const workaround in cbrtl
2012-03-19 nszdon't inline __rem_pio2l so the code size is smaller
2012-03-19 nszminor fix in __tanl (get sign properly)
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerbug fix: wrong opcode for writing long long
2012-03-19 nszremove long double const workarounds
2012-03-19 nszfix erfl wrapper for long double==double case
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for log1p
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for log2
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for remquo
2012-03-19 Rich Felkeroptimize exponential asm for i386
2012-03-19 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerfix broken modf family functions
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for modf functions
2012-03-19 nszsimplify scalbn*.c implementations
2012-03-19 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for floor/ceil/trunc
2012-03-19 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for scalbn family
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for inverse trig functions
2012-03-19 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for log functions
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerfix broken exponential asm
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for lrint family on i386
2012-03-19 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm exponential functions for i386
2012-03-19 nszremove unnecessary TODO comments from fma.c
2012-03-18 nszfmal bug fix: nan input should not raise exception
2012-03-18 nszadd fma implementation for x86
2012-03-18 Rich Felkerassembly optimizations for fmod/remainder functions
2012-03-18 Rich Felkerasm versions of some simple math functions for i386...
2012-03-18 nszsimplify lround and llround functions
2012-03-18 nszmake lrint and llrint functions work without fenv support
2012-03-18 nszfaster lrint and llrint functions
2012-03-18 Rich Felkerfix loads of missing const in new libm, and some global...
2012-03-18 Rich Felkermove nonstandard gamma() etc. to _GNU_SOURCE only
2012-03-18 Rich Felkerc++ seems to want some casts in the float representatio...
2012-03-18 Rich Felkerrelease notes for 0.8.7
2012-03-18 Rich Felkertry fixing/optimizing x86_64 fenv exception code
2012-03-17 Rich Felkeroptimize x86 feclearexcept
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerfix x86_64 fe[gs]etround, analogous to nsz's x86 changes
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerminor 387 fenv optimizations
2012-03-17 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-17 nszfix i386 fegetround and make fesetround faster
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerdon't fail on inability to install dynamic linker ...
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerone more fenv availability issue: lround
2012-03-17 Rich Felkermake fma and lrint functions build without full fenv...
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerother side of the signgam namespace fix: use the intern...
2012-03-17 Rich Felkermake signgam a weak alias for an internal symbol
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerfix namespace issues for lgamma, etc.
2012-03-17 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'