2011-09-27 Rich Felkerfix incorrect allocation failure check in pthread_create
2011-09-26 Rich Felkerfix ctype macros to cast argument to (unsigned) first
2011-09-26 Rich Felkeranother cond var fix: requeue count race condition
2011-09-26 Rich Felkerfix lost signals in cond vars
2011-09-26 Rich Felkercleanup various minor issues reported by nsz
2011-09-26 Rich Felkerredo cond vars again, use sequence numbers
2011-09-26 Rich Felkerrevert previous change in cond var waiter move
2011-09-26 Rich Felkeroptimize cond waiter move using atomic swap instead...
2011-09-25 Rich Felkerfix logic for when wakeup is not desired on cond bcast
2011-09-25 Rich Felkernew futex-requeue-based pthread_cond_broadcast implemen...
2011-09-24 Rich Felkerfix ABA race in cond vars, improve them overall
2011-09-24 Rich FelkerFD_ISSET must return an int. this is the easiest way.
2011-09-23 Rich Felkersys/user.h may need stdint.h
2011-09-23 Rich Felker"optimize" arm __pthread_self
2011-09-23 Rich Felkerfix deadlock in condition wait whenever there are multi...
2011-09-22 Rich Felkerfix x86_64 user.h (previously was just a copy of i386)
2011-09-22 Rich Felkercleanup/debloat i386 user.h
2011-09-22 Rich Felkerwrong __WORDSIZE in x86_64 header
2011-09-22 Rich Felkerprotect against/handle cancellation reading shadow...
2011-09-22 Rich Felkermake dns lookups (and thus getaddrinfo) cancellable
2011-09-22 Rich Felkeruse poll rather than select in dns lookups (also clock_...
2011-09-22 Rich Felkerfix missing SIG_DFL, SIG_IGN, SIG_ERR without posix...
2011-09-22 Rich Felkeravoid setting FILE lock count when not using flockfile
2011-09-22 Rich Felkergnu search.h has struct qelem...
2011-09-22 Rich Felkerrelease notes for 0.8.3
2011-09-22 Rich Felkerupdate syscalls with off_t arguments to handle argument...
2011-09-21 Rich Felkernew gcc wrapper now supports pre-4.4 gcc versions and...
2011-09-21 Rich Felkernew installation guide with alternate and primary libc...
2011-09-21 Rich Felkerfix some header typos
2011-09-20 Rich Felkermake stdbool.h conform to c99
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix incorrect include guard in mqueue.h
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix statvfs.c to match new fsid_t definition
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix the fsid_t structure to match name of __val
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix broken siginfo_t with _GNU_SOURCE defined
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix the definition of struct statvfs to match lsb abi
2011-09-20 Rich Felkeradd some more siginfo aliases broken software expects...
2011-09-20 Rich Felkercleanup redundancy in bits/signal.h versions
2011-09-19 Rich Felkerfix the type of wchar_t on arm; support wchar_t varying...
2011-09-19 Rich Felkerfix incorrect long double parameters on arm (and other...
2011-09-19 Rich Felkerfix broken multi-inclusion guard in sys/reg.h
2011-09-18 Rich Felkerinitial commit of the arm port
2011-09-18 Rich Felkerdisable dynamic linking/loading code in static libc...
2011-09-18 Rich Felkercleanup more bits cruft (sysmacros and socket)
2011-09-18 Rich Felkermore bits junk (tcp.h)
2011-09-18 Rich Felkermove invariant netinet/in.h stuff out of bits/in.h
2011-09-18 Rich Felkeroverhaul clone syscall wrapping
2011-09-17 Rich Felkerrelease notes for 0.8.2
2011-09-17 Rich Felkerdummy implementation of set_thread_area
2011-09-16 Rich Felkerfix assumptions that char is signed
2011-09-16 Rich Felkerfix more instances of old a_xchg (use new a_swap name)
2011-09-16 Rich Felkeruse a_swap rather than old name a_xchg
2011-09-16 Rich Felkerfix generic sigsetjmp (unused anyway) pointer signednes...
2011-09-16 Rich Felkerfix idiotic const-correctness error in lio_listio
2011-09-16 Rich Felkerfix ptrace (maybe)
2011-09-15 Rich Felkerimplement ptrace syscall wrapper (untested)
2011-09-14 Rich Felker0.8.1 release notes
2011-09-14 Rich Felkerremove incorrectly-made-visible internal dst offset...
2011-09-14 Rich Felkerfix inconsistent signature for aio_error
2011-09-14 Rich Felkerfix return types for aio_read and aio_write again
2011-09-14 Rich Felkerfix various errors in function signatures/prototypes...
2011-09-13 Rich Felkerfix cruft left in release notes
2011-09-13 Rich Felkerfix prototypes for aio_read and aio_write
2011-09-13 Rich Felkeradd missing posix_spawnattr_init/destroy functions
2011-09-13 Rich Felker0.8.0 release
2011-09-13 Rich Felkerremove some stray trailing space characters
2011-09-12 Rich Felkerimplement gnu sigisemptyset
2011-09-12 Rich Felkeradd prototypes for GNU *_unlocked stdio functions
2011-09-12 Rich Felkeradd dummied strverscmp (obnoxious GNU function)
2011-09-12 Rich Felkerdeclare alloca in stdlib.h when _GNU_SOURCE is defined
2011-09-11 Rich Felkerfix serious bug in pthread_join
2011-09-10 Rich Felkerfix pthread_join wait call: thread termination tid...
2011-09-09 Rich Felkerimplement POSIX asynchronous io
2011-09-06 Rich Felkerfix incorrect overflow errors on strtoul, etc.
2011-09-05 Rich Felkerstrptime: fix use of uninitialized dest field in conver...
2011-09-05 Rich Felkermore fmemopen null termination fixes
2011-09-05 Rich Felkerfix some fmemopen behaviors
2011-09-05 Rich Felkerhandle pending cancellation when enabling async cancell...
2011-09-04 Rich Felkerfmemopen: fix eof handling, hopefully right this time
2011-09-04 Rich Felkerfmemopen fixes
2011-09-04 Rich Felkermemstreams: fix incorrect handling of file pos > curren...
2011-09-04 Rich Felkeroptimize seek function for memory streams
2011-09-04 Rich Felkerfix twos complement overflow bug in mem streams boundar...
2011-09-04 Rich Felkerimplement fmemopen
2011-09-04 Rich Felkerfix some length calculations in memory streams
2011-09-03 Rich Felkerimplement open_wmemstream
2011-09-03 Rich Felkerfix RTLD_NEXT on x86_64
2011-09-03 Rich Felkerimplement open_memstream
2011-09-02 Rich Felkerfix missing prototypes/wrong signature for psiginfo...
2011-08-27 Rich Felkerfix broken FD_* macros on 64-bit targets
2011-08-23 Rich Felkerbring back ___environ symbol (3 underscores)
2011-08-23 Rich Felkeruse new a_crash() asm to optimize double-free handler.
2011-08-23 Rich Felkersecurity hardening: ensure suid programs have valid...
2011-08-17 Rich Felkerin pathconf, -1, not 0, means unsupported.. syncio...
2011-08-17 Rich Felkerfix bogus pathconf result for file size bits
2011-08-16 Rich Felkerpartially working strptime
2011-08-16 Rich Felkerldso: move the suid/secure check code closer to env...
2011-08-16 Rich Felkerhonor AT_SECURE aux vector flag
2011-08-16 Rich FelkerRTLD_NEXT support
2011-08-16 Rich FelkerLD_PRELOAD support
2011-08-15 Rich Felkersimplify and improve double-free check