greatly improve freopen behavior
[musl] / src / stdio / fopen.c
2012-10-25 Rich Felkergreatly improve freopen behavior
2012-09-29 Rich Felkeradd 'e' modifier (close-on-exec) to fopen and fdopen
2012-09-07 Rich Felkeruse restrict everywhere it's required by c99 and/or...
2012-08-26 Rich Felkerimplement "low hanging fruit" from C11
2012-02-02 Rich Felkermake stdio open, read, and write operations cancellatio...
2011-04-17 Rich Felkerdebloat: use __syscall instead of syscall where possible
2011-03-20 Rich Felkerglobal cleanup to use the new syscall interface
2011-02-12 Rich Felkerinitial check-in, version 0.5.0