optimize more integer cases in floatscan; comment the whole procedure
[musl] / include /
2012-04-11 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-04-09 Rich Felkerfix alloca issue in stdlib.h too
2012-04-09 Rich Felkeralloca cannot be a function. #define it to the gcc...
2012-04-03 Rich Felkerremove useless (at best, harmful) feature test checks...
2012-03-31 Rich Felkeroptimize signbit macro
2012-03-31 Rich Felkermake math.h more c++-friendly
2012-03-23 Rich Felkersimplify creal and cimag macros
2012-03-22 Rich Felkeradd creal/cimag macros in complex.h (and use them in...
2012-03-22 Rich Felkertgmath.h: suppress any existing macro definitions befor...
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerfix DECIMAL_DIG definitions
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerinitial, very primitive strfmon
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerlimits.h: support gcc's -funsigned-char
2012-03-18 Rich Felkermove nonstandard gamma() etc. to _GNU_SOURCE only
2012-03-18 Rich Felkerc++ seems to want some casts in the float representatio...
2012-03-17 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerremove junk sincos implementations in preparation to...
2012-03-15 nszin math.h make lgamma_r and non-double bessel _GNU_SOUR...
2012-03-15 nszefficient sincos based on sin and cos
2012-03-15 Rich Felkerimplement sincosf and sincosl functions; add prototypes
2012-03-13 Rich Felkerfirst commit of the new libm!
2012-03-03 Rich Felkerfix nan/infinity macros in math.h, etc.
2012-03-02 Rich Felkertypo in math.h c version check
2012-03-02 Rich Felkermake math.h compatibe with c89
2012-03-02 Rich Felkeradd all missing wchar functions except floating point...
2012-03-01 Rich Felkeradd memory.h, bogus legacy alias for string.h
2012-03-01 Rich Felkeruse c++-friendly initializers for pthread initializer...
2012-03-01 Rich Felkeradd <syscall.h> as an alias for <sys/syscall.h>
2012-02-25 Rich Felkerreplace prototype for basename in string.h with non...
2012-02-18 Rich Felkeradd get_current_dir_name function
2012-02-16 Rich Felkeradd float_t and double_t to math.h
2012-02-09 Rich Felkerreplace bad cancellation cleanup abi with a sane one
2012-02-08 Rich Felkerfix typo in inotify.h
2012-02-07 Rich Felkerdeclare basename in string.h when _GNU_SOURCE is defined
2012-02-07 Rich Felkerrevert hacks for types of stdint.h integer constant...
2012-02-07 Rich Felkermore locale_t interfaces (string stuff) and header...
2012-02-07 Rich Felkerfix some omissions and mistakes in locale_t interface...
2012-02-07 Rich Felkeradd more of the locale_t interfaces, all dummied out...
2012-02-06 Rich Felkeradd deprecated (removed from posix) [efg]cvt() functions
2012-02-01 Rich Felkerapparently gnu caddr_t is supposed to be char *, not...
2012-02-01 Rich Felkerfix utmp.h mess, try 2
2012-01-31 Rich Felkerfix previous utmp.h junk commit
2012-01-31 Rich Felkeradd some missing junk in utmp.h
2012-01-29 Rich Felkeradd fgetpwent (nonstandard function)
2012-01-29 Rich Felkeradd linux setfs[ug]id syscall wrappers
2012-01-26 Rich Felkerremove useless "extern" keywords in headers
2012-01-25 Rich Felkerfix typo in FPE_FLTUND definition, signal.h
2012-01-25 Rich Felkeradd MIN/MAX macros to sys/param.h
2012-01-25 Rich Felkeradd legacy futimes and lutimes functions
2012-01-21 Rich Felkeradd prlimit syscall wrapper
2011-11-11 Rich Felkerfix __cplusplus extern "C" closing brace in pty.h ...
2011-11-11 Rich Felkerfix all missing instances of __cplusplus checks/extern...
2011-10-17 Rich Felkeradd some missing GNU FNM_* extensions to the header
2011-10-17 Rich Felkerfix some details in ugly stuff that doesn't belong...
2011-10-04 Rich Felkermake [U]INTn_C() macros have the right type...
2011-09-28 Rich Felkerstupid typo (caused by rather ugly spelling in POSIX...
2011-09-26 Rich Felkerfix ctype macros to cast argument to (unsigned) first
2011-09-26 Rich Felkercleanup various minor issues reported by nsz
2011-09-24 Rich FelkerFD_ISSET must return an int. this is the easiest way.
2011-09-23 Rich Felkersys/user.h may need stdint.h
2011-09-22 Rich Felkerfix missing SIG_DFL, SIG_IGN, SIG_ERR without posix...
2011-09-22 Rich Felkergnu search.h has struct qelem...
2011-09-21 Rich Felkerfix some header typos
2011-09-20 Rich Felkermake stdbool.h conform to c99
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix incorrect include guard in mqueue.h
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix the fsid_t structure to match name of __val
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix broken siginfo_t with _GNU_SOURCE defined
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix the definition of struct statvfs to match lsb abi
2011-09-20 Rich Felkeradd some more siginfo aliases broken software expects...
2011-09-20 Rich Felkercleanup redundancy in bits/signal.h versions
2011-09-19 Rich Felkerfix the type of wchar_t on arm; support wchar_t varying...
2011-09-19 Rich Felkerfix broken multi-inclusion guard in sys/reg.h
2011-09-18 Rich Felkercleanup more bits cruft (sysmacros and socket)
2011-09-18 Rich Felkermore bits junk (tcp.h)
2011-09-18 Rich Felkermove invariant netinet/in.h stuff out of bits/in.h
2011-09-18 Rich Felkeroverhaul clone syscall wrapping
2011-09-15 Rich Felkerimplement ptrace syscall wrapper (untested)
2011-09-14 Rich Felkerfix return types for aio_read and aio_write again
2011-09-14 Rich Felkerfix various errors in function signatures/prototypes...
2011-09-13 Rich Felkerfix prototypes for aio_read and aio_write
2011-09-12 Rich Felkerimplement gnu sigisemptyset
2011-09-12 Rich Felkeradd prototypes for GNU *_unlocked stdio functions
2011-09-12 Rich Felkeradd dummied strverscmp (obnoxious GNU function)
2011-09-12 Rich Felkerdeclare alloca in stdlib.h when _GNU_SOURCE is defined
2011-09-09 Rich Felkerimplement POSIX asynchronous io
2011-09-04 Rich Felkerimplement fmemopen
2011-09-03 Rich Felkerimplement open_wmemstream
2011-09-03 Rich Felkerimplement open_memstream
2011-09-02 Rich Felkerfix missing prototypes/wrong signature for psiginfo...
2011-08-27 Rich Felkerfix broken FD_* macros on 64-bit targets
2011-08-14 Rich Felkermacro for pthread_equal
2011-08-12 Rich Felkerimplement forkall
2011-07-31 Rich Felkerconsistency: use struct __ucontext instead of ucontext_...
2011-07-09 Rich Felkeradd missing signalfd flags
2011-07-01 Rich Felkerfill in junk in stropts.h
2011-06-30 Rich Felkeradd and consolidate nasty stdio_ext junk
2011-06-30 Rich Felkerimplement the nonstandard GNU function fpurge
2011-06-29 Rich Felkeravoid errors in ucontext.h when no feature test macros...
2011-06-27 Rich Felkerfurther fixup dlfcn.h
2011-06-27 Rich Felkermatch LSB/glibc constants for dynamic loader
2011-06-25 Rich FelkerXSI search.h API implementation by Szabolcs Nagy