re-add useconds_t
[musl] / arch / x86_64 / bits /
2013-04-02 rofl0rre-add useconds_t
2013-03-05 Rich Felkerfix types for wctype_t and wctrans_t
2013-02-26 Rich Felkerfix wrong float_t on x86_64
2012-04-24 Rich Felkeruse signed char rather than plain char for int8_t
2012-02-16 Rich Felkeradd float_t and double_t to math.h
2011-10-15 Rich Felkerdon't define wchar_t on c++
2011-04-13 Rich Felkerfix and cleanup suseconds_t/timeval stuff (broken on...
2011-04-11 Rich Felkermore types cleanup
2011-04-11 Rich Felkercleanup types stuff in headers, fix missing u_int*_t...
2011-04-02 Rich Felkerremove obsolete and useless useconds_t type
2011-04-02 Rich Felkersomehow timespec tv_nsec had the wrong type on x86_64...
2011-03-30 Rich Felkeravoid all malloc/free in timer creation/destruction
2011-03-29 Rich Felkersome preliminaries for adding POSIX timers
2011-03-11 Rich Felkermatch dimensions so we can use all slots without invoki...
2011-02-17 Rich Felkerreorganize pthread data structures and move the definit...
2011-02-15 Rich Felkerfix some type leakage (timer_t) from x86_64 commit
2011-02-15 Nicholas J. KainUpdate x86_64 bits to mirror (modulo platform differenc...
2011-02-15 Nicholas J. KainPort musl to x86-64. One giant commit!