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2012-03-24 Rich Felkerupdate COPYRIGHT status of TRE regex code
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2012-03-16 Rich Felkerupdate copyright status (math library and new year)
2012-03-13 nszfix copyright notice for the math lib
2011-06-25 Rich FelkerXSI search.h API implementation by Szabolcs Nagy
2011-06-23 Rich Felkerinitial commit of prng implementation by Szabolcs Nagy
2011-04-27 Rich Felkerreplace heap sort with smoothsort implementation by...
2011-02-15 Rich Felkersome docs fixes for x86_64
2011-02-14 Rich Felkerexplicitly release crt/* to the public domain
2011-02-12 Rich Felkerinitial check-in, version 0.5.0