cleanup src/linux and src/misc trees, etc.
authorRich Felker <>
Fri, 7 Sep 2012 04:48:25 +0000 (00:48 -0400)
committerRich Felker <>
Fri, 7 Sep 2012 04:48:25 +0000 (00:48 -0400)
cleanup src/linux and src/misc trees, etc.

previously, it was pretty much random which one of these trees a given
function appeared in. they have now been organized into:

src/linux: non-POSIX linux syscalls (possibly shard with other nixen)
src/legacy: various obsolete/legacy functions, mostly wrappers
src/misc: still mostly uncategorized; some misc POSIX, some nonstd
src/crypt: crypt hash functions

further cleanup will be done later.
45 files changed:
src/crypt/crypt.c [moved from src/misc/crypt.c with 100% similarity]
src/crypt/crypt_blowfish.c [moved from src/misc/crypt_blowfish.c with 100% similarity]
src/crypt/crypt_des.c [moved from src/misc/crypt_des.c with 100% similarity]
src/crypt/crypt_r.c [moved from src/misc/crypt_r.c with 100% similarity]
src/crypt/crypt_sha256.c [moved from src/misc/crypt_sha256.c with 100% similarity]
src/crypt/crypt_sha512.c [moved from src/misc/crypt_sha512.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/cuserid.c [moved from src/misc/cuserid.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/daemon.c [moved from src/linux/daemon.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/err.c [moved from src/linux/err.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/ftw.c [moved from src/misc/ftw.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/futimes.c [moved from src/misc/futimes.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/getdtablesize.c [moved from src/linux/getdtablesize.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/getpagesize.c [moved from src/linux/getpagesize.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/getpass.c [moved from src/linux/getpass.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/getusershell.c [moved from src/misc/getusershell.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/isastream.c [moved from src/misc/isastream.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/lutimes.c [moved from src/misc/lutimes.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/ulimit.c [moved from src/misc/ulimit.c with 100% similarity]
src/legacy/utmpx.c [moved from src/stub/utmpx.c with 100% similarity]
src/linux/epoll.c [new file with mode: 0644]
src/linux/epoll_create.c [deleted file]
src/linux/epoll_create1.c [deleted file]
src/linux/epoll_ctl.c [deleted file]
src/linux/epoll_pwait.c [deleted file]
src/linux/epoll_wait.c [deleted file]
src/linux/eventfd_read.c [deleted file]
src/linux/eventfd_write.c [deleted file]
src/linux/inotify.c [new file with mode: 0644]
src/linux/inotify_add_watch.c [deleted file]
src/linux/inotify_init.c [deleted file]
src/linux/inotify_init1.c [deleted file]
src/linux/inotify_rm_watch.c [deleted file]
src/linux/prlimit.c [moved from src/misc/prlimit.c with 100% similarity]
src/linux/ptrace.c [moved from src/misc/ptrace.c with 100% similarity]
src/linux/swap.c [moved from src/linux/swapon.c with 64% similarity]
src/linux/swapoff.c [deleted file]
src/linux/umount.c [deleted file]
src/linux/umount2.c [deleted file]
src/misc/gethostid.c [moved from src/linux/gethostid.c with 100% similarity]
src/misc/getopt_long.c [moved from src/linux/getopt_long.c with 100% similarity]
src/misc/initgroups.c [moved from src/linux/initgroups.c with 100% similarity]
src/misc/mntent.c [moved from src/linux/mntent.c with 100% similarity]
src/misc/syscall.c [moved from src/linux/syscall.c with 100% similarity]