5 days ago Szabolcs Nagymath: add near half way tests for sqrt and ld80 sqrtl master
2020-01-05 Szabolcs Nagysuppress the failures of the musl/pleval test
2020-01-05 Szabolcs Nagydon't write the test REPORT to stdout only a summary
2020-01-01 Szabolcs Nagyfix ipc tests which cast time_t to long for printing
2019-10-31 Rich Felkeradd utime (utimensat, futimens) functional tests
2019-10-31 Szabolcs Nagychange syscall-sign-extend test
2019-09-07 Szabolcs Nagyallow omitted inexact in nearest integer functions
2019-09-07 Szabolcs Nagyskip known math failures
2019-09-07 Szabolcs Nagynon-nearest rounding ulp check
2019-08-22 Fangrui Songtls_local_exec.c: add a dynamic relocation test case
2019-07-16 Szabolcs Nagyadd lseek test with large offsets
2019-07-09 Rich Felkeradd PI mutex tests
2019-03-16 Szabolcs Nagyadd an sscanf regression test
2018-11-15 Rafał Miłeckiadd strptime basic test
2018-08-29 Szabolcs Nagyfix tls_align_dlopen
2018-08-23 Szabolcs Nagyfix setjmp test
2018-07-15 Szabolcs Nagyadd ungetc with setvbuf test
2018-05-25 Szabolcs Nagyadd local exec tls align test
2018-04-01 Szabolcs Nagyfmaf test case that's hard to round in nearest rounding...
2018-02-07 Rich Felkeradd octal corner cases
2018-02-07 Bobby Binghampthread_atfork/fork regression test
2018-02-07 Bobby Binghamtest sigsetjmp with savesigs=0
2018-02-07 Dennis Wölfingadd test for strftime
2018-01-10 Szabolcs Nagyfgetwc may clobber errno when the result is not WEOF
2017-11-19 Szabolcs Nagyadd fgetwc regression test
2017-11-19 Szabolcs Nagydeclare t_setutf8
2017-06-22 Szabolcs Nagyt_setutf8 helper
2017-06-22 Szabolcs Nagymulti-byte functions test
2017-06-22 Szabolcs Nagyuselocale(0) regression test
2017-06-22 Szabolcs Nagyiconv regression test
2017-04-03 Szabolcs Nagyscalbn special cases
2017-03-19 Szabolcs Nagyscalbn and fma special cases
2017-01-09 Szabolcs Nagyadd Julien Ramseier to authors
2017-01-09 Szabolcs Nagywcstol: implement 64-bit tests
2016-11-27 Szabolcs Nagyavoid path search in runtest and make abs paths work
2016-09-17 Szabolcs Nagyuse anonymous maps in vmfill
2016-07-01 Szabolcs Nagyugly awk workaround for random newlines inserted by...
2016-07-01 Bobby Binghamfix math/isless test
2016-03-06 Szabolcs Nagyuse _XOPEN_SOURCE
2016-03-06 Alexander Monakovadd putenv double-free regression test
2016-02-24 Szabolcs Nagyfix fenv test (operator precedence)
2016-02-03 Szabolcs Nagystring test alignment fix by Mahesh Bodapati
2015-12-20 Szabolcs Nagytsearch test fix
2015-11-28 Szabolcs Nagydeps for tls_get_new test
2015-11-25 Szabolcs Nagyadd __tls_get_new regression test
2015-06-18 Szabolcs Nagyrun pthread_robust test for pshared and privat mutexes...
2015-06-18 Szabolcs Nagyrun robust-detach test for pshared and non-pshared...
2015-06-18 Szabolcs Nagyfix iconv_open test
2015-06-18 Szabolcs Nagyadd regex REG_ICASE test for austingroupbug #872
2015-06-18 Szabolcs Nagyfix pthread-robust-detach test
2015-06-13 Szabolcs Nagysetlocale C.UTF-8 in regex test that depends on UTF-8
2015-04-13 Szabolcs Nagyregression test for robust mutext in detached thread
2015-04-11 Szabolcs Nagymore pow(0,-inf) fixes
2015-04-10 Szabolcs Nagyfix pow(+-0, inf) case
2015-04-10 Szabolcs Nagyglibc wants -lpthread at the end
2015-04-10 Szabolcs Nagyuse fgetwc on wide oriented streams
2015-04-10 Szabolcs Nagyfenv: under/overflow may raise inexact too
2015-04-10 Szabolcs Nagyfix htons and sigsetjmp api tests
2015-04-10 Szabolcs Nagyfix ulp check in sincosf
2015-04-09 Szabolcs Nagymore consistent feature test macros in math tests
2015-04-09 Szabolcs Nagysemtimed_wait cancel point
2015-04-09 Szabolcs Nagysigaltstck: add missing include
2015-04-09 Szabolcs Nagyadd _DEFAULT_SOURCE wherever _BSD_SOURCE was used
2015-04-09 Szabolcs Nagyadd missing unistd.h include
2015-04-09 Szabolcs Nagyhandle 0 return of crypt
2015-04-08 Szabolcs Nagyconformance fixes
2015-03-22 Szabolcs Nagyfix BRE \0 test case
2015-03-22 Szabolcs Nagyinet_pton tests, fix regression test case
2015-03-22 Szabolcs Nagyinet_pton 1:2:3:4:5:6:7:: regression
2015-03-22 Szabolcs Nagyregex backref \0 regression test
2015-03-22 Szabolcs Nagyadd ere backref regression test
2015-03-21 Szabolcs Nagyregex memory corruption regression test
2015-03-12 Szabolcs Nagysetenv(0,...) is no longer valid in posix-2013
2015-03-05 Szabolcs Nagyfix string_memset so buffers are aligned properly
2015-03-05 Szabolcs Nagyfix string_memset code
2015-03-05 Szabolcs Nagyclean string_memset code
2015-03-04 Szabolcs Nagyfix swprintf("%#.0o")
2015-03-01 Szabolcs Nagyregression test for __timedwait ECANCELED omission
2015-03-01 Szabolcs Nagyregression tests for bugs in first versions of new...
2015-02-25 Szabolcs Nagytest memset with larger size range
2015-01-06 Szabolcs Nagyfix float.h api test: FLT_ROUNDS is not int const expr
2015-01-06 Szabolcs Nagyfix snprintf "%#.0o" test
2014-12-15 Szabolcs Nagyadd FNM_CASEFOLD tests
2014-10-28 Szabolcs Nagyfix lrand48-signextend and regex-negated-range regressi...
2014-10-28 Szabolcs Nagytestcases for rint double rounding issue
2014-10-13 Szabolcs Nagyadd strverscmp tests from the manual, bug found by...
2014-09-21 Szabolcs Nagylrand48 regression test
2014-09-19 Szabolcs Nagyflockfile list corruption test
2014-09-14 Szabolcs Nagyadd 64bit strtol/strtoul and strtoll/strtoull tests
2014-09-11 Alexander Monakovfix shm subtest in cancellation points test
2014-09-11 Szabolcs Nagyfix argument order in the error message of jnf, yn...
2014-09-11 Sergey DmitroukFix order of jn() arguments in error message
2014-09-10 Szabolcs Nagycat build errors during build
2014-09-07 Szabolcs Nagyfix thread and shm cleanup in the cancellation point...
2014-09-07 Szabolcs Nagycancellation point test by Alexander Monakov
2014-09-04 Szabolcs Nagyseparate dn_expand regression tests for empty name...
2014-09-04 Szabolcs Nagytest empty domain name with offset pointer in dn_expand...
2014-09-03 Szabolcs Nagyadd recent contributors
2014-09-03 Szabolcs Nagysem_wait cancellation regression test by Alexander...
2014-09-02 Szabolcs Nagyfix memfill to have malloc