[epoint] go + kyotocabinet

From: XDSL <info_AT_x-dsl.hu>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2012 11:00:55 +0200

Hi Guys,

I've been using kyoto-cabinet (previously tokyocabinet) in C and very
satisfied with it.
Also used kyotocabinet transactions. **

I could't compile the cabinet binding for go, even after "go fix".
But I used a lot from it and got a simple "tinyurl" service working with
permanent storage in kyotocabinet.

it's dirty and requires error-checking, but at least it's a start.
I had to struggle a bit since it's my first go attempt.
Kyotocabinet was actually very easy to apply (not more complex than
files, and actually simpler when transaction atomicity is required: I
made some occasional crashes and verified that I don't have partial
transactions - I applied 6 Set(key, value) per transaction which is
realistic for epoint server)

It seems to me that kyotocabinet transaction
over ext4 or ext3
over LVM (to capture snapshot for third bkup and occasional sync and
other maintenance)
over DRBD (Protocol C)
over SSD

is a very good way for persistance.


begin_transaction(true) as well
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