2013-09-12 nszlibm cleanup (fixed old incorrect info) master
2013-08-26 nszlibm: fmod, remquo, remainder are cr
2013-08-07 nszbugs is maintained in the musl wiki in the future
2013-08-07 nszbugs update (sdl thread stack)
2013-08-05 nszbug list update (posix signal handler)
2013-07-28 nszbug list update
2013-07-16 nszbugs update
2013-06-28 nszadd a comment back to bugs/misc
2013-06-28 nszunreported bugs cleanup
2013-06-28 nszremove bug [fixed] tags (they are out of date)
2013-06-20 nszlibm notes update (excess precision fixes)
2013-06-20 nszupdate bugs list
2013-05-07 nszmany bugs added/updated
2013-02-23 nszbugs: webkit bug fixed
2013-02-23 nszbugs: remove invalid tre bug
2013-02-23 nszbugs: fix incorrect annotations
2013-02-21 nszbugs: two new posix bugs
2013-02-20 nszbugs: new bugs
2013-02-10 nszlibm: add gcc float wiki link
2013-02-08 nszbugs update
2013-01-29 nszbugs update (cpp posix bug)
2013-01-19 nszadd new unreported bugs
2013-01-08 nszbugs += unreported bugs/generic bugs
2012-12-28 nszbugs: remove invalid ?: gcc bug, add glibc epoll nonblo...
2012-12-27 nszlibm: update the ugly part, fix typos
2012-12-15 nszbugs.html
2012-12-08 nszlibm: add logb to the correctly rounded list
2012-11-11 nszlibm: fix ppc related statements
2012-11-11 nszlibm: fix incorrect ppc eabi remark
2012-11-11 nszlibm page update
2012-09-12 nszwww home: move epoint link
2012-09-12 nszwww home: links to c standard .htmls
2012-03-27 nszlink to libc-test
2012-03-13 nszlibm: code instead of branch
2012-03-13 nszlibm: update issues, use musl branch instead of libm...
2012-03-05 nszlibm: update design issues
2012-03-05 nszlibm: fix clone urls
2012-03-04 nszlibm: change wording wrt gcc nan comparison bug
2012-03-03 nszlibm fix
2012-03-03 nszlibm typo fix
2012-03-03 nszlibm updates, link to prototype lib
2012-03-03 nszepoint: fix gitweb url
2012-03-02 nszlibm += link to elefunt test lib
2012-02-27 nszlibm: fix double rounding description
2012-02-27 nszlibm: fix html
2012-02-27 nszlibm: typesetting fixes
2012-02-27 nszfix libm link
2012-02-27 nszhtmlify libm.txt, add more content
2012-02-25 nszlibm: design and notes for a freebsd based implementation
2012-01-24 nszlibm: metalibm
2012-01-23 nszlibm: fix typo, drop fdlibm year marks
2012-01-23 nszlibm: more links (eg worst cases)
2012-01-22 nszlink to ieee test tools of beebe
2012-01-22 nszcleanup, no date+sig
2012-01-22 nszadd libm.txt
2012-01-18 nszfix page history link
2012-01-18 nsznicer repo names
2012-01-17 nszrecommend the git:// clone url
2012-01-17 nszindex += links (suckless, c99tree)
2012-01-17 nszhome link
2012-01-17 nszpage history link
2012-01-17 nszadd content and links
2012-01-17 nszrename epoint.html
2012-01-17 nszlink to epoint.html
2012-01-16 nsz+epoint.html
2012-01-16 nszindex: fix about
2012-01-16 nszindex: headings
2012-01-16 nszindex: port70 link
2012-01-16 nszlinks
2012-01-16 nszfix
2012-01-16 nszfancier index.html
2012-01-16 nszgitignore non version controlled files
2012-01-16 nszfirst commit