2011-06-23 Rich Felkerinitial commit of prng implementation by Szabolcs Nagy
2011-06-20 Rich Felkermake ldso asm more uniform with rest of codebase (no...
2011-06-19 Rich Felkerx86_64: ensure that dtor pointer passed to app is 0...
2011-06-19 Rich Felkerdynamic linker 64bit fix: hash table entries are always...
2011-06-18 Rich Felkerexperimental dynamic linker!
2011-06-18 Rich Felkerfix memory leak on failure in realpath
2011-06-18 Rich Felkercopy-paste error in prctl.h
2011-06-16 Rich Felkerfix some struct padding to match LSB/glibc ABI where...
2011-06-16 Rich Felkerduplicate re_nsub in LSB/glibc ABI compatible location
2011-06-15 Rich Felkerrestore use of .type in asm, but use modern @function...
2011-06-15 Rich Felker__syscall5 inline is having trouble with PIC; just...
2011-06-14 Rich Felkerfix race condition in pthread_kill
2011-06-14 Rich Felkerrun dtors before taking the exit-lock in pthread exit
2011-06-14 Rich Felkerminor locking optimizations
2011-06-14 Rich Felkeravoid 64bit warnings when using pointers as entropy...
2011-06-14 Rich Felkerfix sigset macro for 64-bit systems (<< was overflowing...
2011-06-14 Rich Felkerremove all .size and .type directives for functions...
2011-06-14 Rich Felkerremove old useless timezone.s file (unused)
2011-06-13 Rich Felkerfix wrong type for wcsrchr argument 2
2011-06-13 Rich Felkerx86_64 fenv support (untested; at least known to build...
2011-06-13 Rich Felkerfix fesetround - it was writing to status word instead...
2011-06-12 Rich Felkerfloating point environment, untested
2011-06-12 Rich Felkermalloc: cast size down to int in bin_index functions
2011-06-12 Rich Felkeranother return value fix for mktemp...
2011-06-10 Rich Felkeradd netpacket/packet.h
2011-06-08 Rich Felkerit's called getgrgid_r, not getgruid_r...
2011-06-08 Rich Felkerimplement psignal and psiginfo
2011-06-08 Rich Felkerisgreater etc. relation macros for math.h
2011-06-07 Rich Felkermq names without leading / have impl-def behavior;...
2011-06-07 Rich Felkerdefine MQ_PRIO_MAX
2011-06-07 Rich Felkeruse __WCHAR_TYPE__ on i386 if it is defined
2011-06-07 Rich Felkermq send/recv functions are cancellation points
2011-06-07 Rich Felkerimplement mq_notify
2011-06-07 Rich Felkeradd support for POSIX message queues, except mq_notify
2011-06-07 Rich Felkeruse __attribute__((const)) for errno and pthread_self...
2011-06-06 Rich Felkeruse volatile pointers for intentional-crash code.
2011-06-06 Rich Felkerfix handling of d_name in struct dirent
2011-06-05 Rich Felkersafety fix for glob's vla usage: disallow patterns...
2011-06-05 Rich Felkereliminate (harmless in this case) vla usage in fnmatch.c
2011-05-30 Rich Felkermissing prototypes for mbsnrtowcs and wcsnrtombs
2011-05-30 Rich Felkerimplement pthread_[sg]etconcurrency.
2011-05-30 Rich Felkerimplement uselocale function (minimal)
2011-05-29 Rich Felkeradd useless, obsolescent function ulimit
2011-05-29 Rich Felkerfix backwards posix_spawn file action order
2011-05-29 Rich Felkeradd accidentally-omitted file needed for posix_spawn...
2011-05-29 Rich Felkeradd file actions support to posix_spawn
2011-05-28 Rich Felkerposix_spawn: honor POSIX_SPAWN_SETSIGDEF flag
2011-05-28 Rich Felkerinitial implementation of posix_spawn
2011-05-27 Rich Felkermodernize coding style in sjlj asm
2011-05-23 Rich Felkerfix strncat and wcsncat (double null termination)
2011-05-23 Rich Felkerfix wcsncpy writing past end of buffer
2011-05-22 Rich Felkerfix brk/sbrk behavior to match the real legacy functions
2011-05-17 Rich Felkerrelease notes for 0.7.10
2011-05-11 Rich Felkerfix the last known rounding bug in floating point printing
2011-05-08 Rich Felkereventfd syscall wrapper and read/write wrappers
2011-05-08 Rich Felkeroptimize out useless default-attribute object in pthrea...
2011-05-08 Rich Felkeroptimize compound-literal sigset_t's not to contain...
2011-05-08 Rich Felkeroverhaul implementation-internal signal protections
2011-05-07 Rich Felkerreduce some ridiculously large spin counts
2011-05-07 Rich Felkerremove debug code that was missed in barrier commit
2011-05-07 Rich Felkercompletely new barrier implementation, addressing major...
2011-05-05 Rich Felkeradd SA_NOMASK alias for SA_NODEFER with _GNU_SOURCE
2011-05-02 Rich Felkerfix fclose return status logic, again
2011-05-02 Rich Felkerfix undefined call order in fclose, possible lost outpu...
2011-05-02 Rich Felkerworkaround for preprocessor bug in pcc
2011-05-02 Rich Felkerminor optimization in puts: use inline putc_unlocked...
2011-04-29 Rich Felkeravoid crashing when nel==0 is passed to qsort
2011-04-28 Rich Felkeruse compiler builtins for variadic macros when available
2011-04-27 Rich Felkercorrect variadic prototypes for execl* family
2011-04-27 Rich Felkerreplace heap sort with smoothsort implementation by...
2011-04-27 Rich Felkeradd word-sized ctz function to atomic.h
2011-04-26 Rich Felkerfunction signature fix: add const qualifier to mempcpy...
2011-04-26 Rich Felkertypo in prototype for mempcpy
2011-04-26 Rich Felkerprototype for mempcpy
2011-04-25 Rich Felkerfix bug in ipv6 parsing that prevented parsing a lone...
2011-04-25 Rich Felkeripv6 parsing code (formerly dummied-out)
2011-04-25 Rich Felkerfix 2 eof-related bugs in scanf
2011-04-23 Rich Felkerupdate release notes to new format, add more
2011-04-22 Rich Felkerfix initial stack alignment in new threads on x86_64
2011-04-22 Rich Felkerupdate release notes in prep for 0.7.9 release
2011-04-22 Rich Felkeromit errno update path for syscalls that cannot fail
2011-04-21 Rich Felkerfix bogus return values for inet_pton
2011-04-21 Rich Felkermove wait.h macros out of bits. they do not vary.
2011-04-21 Rich Felkerinclude signal.h to avoid thorny __sigcontext/sigcontex...
2011-04-21 Rich Felkerfix minor bugs due to incorrect threaded-predicate...
2011-04-21 Rich Felkerworkaround bug in linux dup2
2011-04-21 Rich Felkerproperly create new session/controlling terminal in...
2011-04-21 Rich Felkerimplement (nonstandard) forkpty
2011-04-21 Rich Felkerdisallow blank strings as service or host name
2011-04-21 Rich Felkerfix bugs in ipv4 parsing
2011-04-20 Rich Felkerfix initgroups (uninitialized count passed to getgrouplist)
2011-04-20 Rich Felkershadow password fixes: empty fields should read as...
2011-04-20 Rich Felkernamespace fixes for sys/mman.h
2011-04-20 Rich Felkerfix missing include in posix_madvise.c (compile error)
2011-04-20 Rich Felkersupport posix_madvise (previous a stub)
2011-04-20 Rich Felkeradd syscall wrappers for posix_fadvise, posix_fallocate
2011-04-20 Rich Felkerblock cancellation in wordexp, handle more errors
2011-04-20 Rich Felkeravoid malloc of potentially-large string in wordexp
2011-04-20 Rich Felkermove some more code out of pthread_create.c
2011-04-19 Rich Felkerfix uninitialized waiters field in semaphores