2012-12-06 rofl0radd sigandset and sigorset (needed for qemu)
2012-12-06 rofl0radd struct msgbuf to sys/msg.h
2012-12-06 rofl0runistd.h: fix wrong type for gid_t argument
2012-12-06 rofl0ripc.h: fix gnu aliases for key and seq in struct ipc_perm
2012-12-06 rofl0radd obsolete futimesat()
2012-12-06 rofl0rbits/signal.h: add register names for x86(_64)
2012-12-06 rofl0rfcntl.h: add some linux-specific F_ macros
2012-12-06 rofl0rtcp.h: add SOL_TCP, analoguous to udp.h
2012-12-06 rofl0radd more arch-specific MAP_ macros to bits/mman.h
2012-12-06 rofl0rremove MAP_32 from non-x86 archs
2012-12-06 rofl0radd MAP_NORESERVE to bits/mman.h
2012-12-06 Rich Felkerremove fenv saving/loading code from setjmp/longjmp...
2012-12-05 Rich Felkerfix inefficiency of math.h isless, etc. macros
2012-12-05 Rich Felkerremove mips setjmp/longjmp code to save/restore fenv
2012-12-05 Rich Felkeradd scsi headers scsi.h and sg.h
2012-12-05 Rich Felkeruse __builtin_offsetof to implement offsetof when possible
2012-12-05 Rich Felkeruse alternate argument syntax for restrict with lio_listio
2012-12-04 Rich Felkerfix regression in arm user.h that happened during big...
2012-12-03 Rich Felkeradd _ALL_SOURCE as an alias for _GNU_SOURCE/enable...
2012-12-03 Rich Felkerfeature test macros: make _GNU_SOURCE enable everything
2012-12-02 Rich Felkerfix a couple issues in the inttypes.h PRI/SCN macros
2012-12-01 Rich Felkerprovide NSIG under _BSD_SOURCE (default) as well as...
2012-11-30 Rich Felkerfix ordering of shared library ctors with respect to...
2012-11-27 Rich Felkerfix some restrict-qualifier mismatches in newly added...
2012-11-27 Rich Felkerupdate readme and release notes for 0.9.8
2012-11-27 Rich Felkerremove stat member aliases from ppc-specific bits/stat.h
2012-11-26 Rich Felkerfix eventfd and inotify nonblock/cloexec flags to match...
2012-11-26 Rich Felkerfix missing limits when only _BSD_SOURCE is defined
2012-11-26 Rich Felkerfixup mcontext stuff to expost gregset_t/fpregset_t...
2012-11-26 Rich Felkermake sys/procfs.h mostly work on most archs
2012-11-26 Rich Felkerremove microblaze user.h incorrectly copied from arm
2012-11-26 Rich Felkereliminate gdb complaints about missing
2012-11-24 Rich Felkerbegin sys/user.h and sys/reg.h fixes for ports
2012-11-24 Rich Felkerfix powerpc ucontext, again..
2012-11-23 Rich Felkerfix termios constants on mips
2012-11-23 Rich Felkersigcontext/mcontext cleanup for arch-specific bits
2012-11-23 Rich Felkerfix powerpc sigsetjmp asm to match the new jmp_buf...
2012-11-23 Rich Felkerfix powerpc setjmp/longjmp to save/restore float regs...
2012-11-23 Rich Felkeradd missing startfiles for powerpc
2012-11-23 Rich Felkerfix up leftover, incorrect NSIG definitions in arch...
2012-11-23 Rich Felkerremove stuff that doesn't belong in powerpc 32-bit...
2012-11-21 Rich Felkermore ppc signal.h typedef order fixes
2012-11-21 Rich Felkerfix misordered typedefs in ppc signal.h
2012-11-21 Rich Felkerppc signal/NSIG related fix (warning fix, redefinition)
2012-11-21 Rich Felkeradd back NSIG, removed from powerpc in last commit...
2012-11-21 Rich Felkermake powerpc signal.h namespace-clean for posix/isoc
2012-11-21 Rich Felkerfix powerpc types to match abi, and some feature test...
2012-11-21 rofl0rfix invalid usage of mcontext_t in powerpc signal.h
2012-11-19 rofl0rpowerpc: handle syscall error in clone.
2012-11-19 Rich Felkerfix error in configure script using >/dev/null in noclo...
2012-11-19 Rich Felkerfix powerpc asm not to store data in volatile space...
2012-11-19 Rich Felkerfix breakage from introducing bits header for sys/io.h
2012-11-19 Rich Felkeradd port io functions to sys/io.h
2012-11-18 Rich Felkeradd missing const on powerpc FE_DFL_ENV
2012-11-18 Rich Felkerfenv support for ppc, untested
2012-11-18 Rich Felkerfix feholdexcept -- it needs to clear exceptions after...
2012-11-18 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/math'
2012-11-18 rofl0rfcntl.h: O_SEARCH was missing for powerpc
2012-11-18 Szabolcs Nagymath: use float constants in exp10f.c
2012-11-18 Szabolcs Nagymath: expl.c cleanup
2012-11-18 Szabolcs Nagymath: expf.c cleanup
2012-11-18 rofl0rppc socket.h: add forgotten cmsghdr
2012-11-18 Rich Felkerfix typo in dynamic linker path file loading code
2012-11-18 Rich Felkeradd cleaned-up sys/mtio.h
2012-11-17 Rich Felkeradd stub versions of some missing optional pthread...
2012-11-17 Szabolcs Nagymath: cleanup exp2.c exp2f.c and exp2l.c
2012-11-17 Rich Felkerarg-skipping code for powerpc dynamic linker
2012-11-17 Szabolcs Nagymath: exp.c clean up
2012-11-17 Rich Felkerdynamic linking support for powerpc
2012-11-16 Rich Felkerfix ppc stat structure definition
2012-11-16 rofl0rfix powerpc termios.h and ioctl.h
2012-11-16 Rich Felkerdisable SO_REUSEPORT in sys/socket.h
2012-11-15 Rich Felkerppc wchar_t is long, not int
2012-11-15 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/math'
2012-11-15 Rich Felkerupdate copyright file for recent contributions
2012-11-14 Rich Felkerfix indention with spaces in powerpc asm
2012-11-14 Rich Felkerfix powerpc atomic compare-and-swap function
2012-11-14 Rich Felkerupdate ppc atomic code to match the endian-agnostic...
2012-11-14 Rich Felkerfix wchar limits mistakenly copied from arm
2012-11-14 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'ppc-port/ppc-squashed'
2012-11-14 Szabolcs Nagyfenv: return FE_TONEAREST in dummy fegetround
2012-11-14 Szabolcs Nagymath: ld80 invtrig cleanups
2012-11-13 Szabolcs Nagymath: simplify hypot and hypotf using scalbn
2012-11-13 Szabolcs Nagymath: turn off the STRICT_ASSIGN workaround by default
2012-11-13 rofl0rPPC port cleaned up, static linking works well now.
2012-11-13 Richard Penningtonimport preliminary ppc work by rdp.
2012-11-13 Szabolcs Nagymath: use '#pragma STDC FENV_ACCESS ON' when fenv is...
2012-11-13 Szabolcs Nagymath: excess precision fix modf, modff, scalbn, scalbnf
2012-11-13 Szabolcs Nagymath: fix scalbn and scalbnf on overflow/underflow
2012-11-13 Szabolcs Nagymath: fix nextafter and nexttoward on maxdbl and maxflt...
2012-11-13 Szabolcs Nagycomplex: add C11 CMPLX macros and replace cpack with...
2012-11-12 Szabolcs Nagymath: raise flags in logl.c on <= 0 arguments
2012-11-12 Szabolcs Nagymath: fix logb*.c exceptions now that ilogb raises...
2012-11-12 Szabolcs Nagymath: raise flags in log2l.c on <= 0 arguments, and...
2012-11-12 Szabolcs Nagymath: raise exception flags in log1pl.c on <= -1 arguments
2012-11-12 Szabolcs Nagymath: raise invalid flag in ilogb*.c on +-0, +-inf...
2012-11-12 Szabolcs Nagymath: fix exception behaviour of expm1l.c on inf and nan
2012-11-12 Szabolcs Nagymath: fix long double constants in exp10l.c
2012-11-11 Rich Felkerdebloat src/thread tree but putting lots of junk in...
2012-11-11 Rich Felkerreport support of TPS option in unistd.h and sysconf