2012-08-15 Rich Felkeradd missing xattr functions
2012-08-15 Rich Felkerupdate copyright/credits for recent code additions
2012-08-15 Rich Felkersupport configuring cross compiling with CROSS_COMPILE...
2012-08-14 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/bsd'
2012-08-14 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/exp'
2012-08-13 nszmath: fix _BSD_SOURCE namespace in math.h bsd
2012-08-13 Rich Felkerremove significandl
2012-08-13 Rich Felkeradd significand[fl] math functions
2012-08-13 Rich Felkerpublicly expose getdents api under _BSD_SOURCE
2012-08-12 Rich Felkermemcpy asm for i386 and x86_64
2012-08-11 Rich Felkeravoid need for -march=mips2 to compile mips atomic...
2012-08-11 Rich Felkerremove unused but buggy code from strstr.c
2012-08-11 Rich Felkerremove buggy short-string wcsstr implementation; always...
2012-08-11 Rich Felkeradd bsd fgetln function
2012-08-11 Rich Felkerminor but worthwhile optimization in printf: avoid...
2012-08-11 Rich Felkertrivial optimization to printf: avoid wasted call frame
2012-08-10 Rich Felkeruse int instead of long for ptrdiff_t on all 32-bit...
2012-08-10 Rich Felkerfix incorrect ptrdiff_t type on mips
2012-08-10 Rich Felkeradd blowfish hash support to crypt
2012-08-10 Rich Felkerfix (hopefully) all hard-coded 8's for kernel sigset_t...
2012-08-10 Rich Felkeradd defines for number of sigset_t bytes syscalls expect
2012-08-10 Rich Felkermake crypt return an unmatchable hash rather than NULL...
2012-08-08 nszmath: fix exp.s on i386 and x86_64 so the exception... exp
2012-08-07 Rich Felkerfurther fixes for mips ioctl.h header
2012-08-07 Rich Felkerfix another mips gratuitous-incompatibility bug: ioctl...
2012-08-07 Rich Felkerfix bug dlsym bug that slipped in during dynamic linker...
2012-08-05 Rich Felkermake configure accept mipsel
2012-08-05 Rich Felkerdlsym RTLD_NEXT support for mips
2012-08-05 Rich Felkerfix socket.h on mips
2012-08-05 Rich Felkeralign mips _init/_fini functions
2012-08-05 Rich Felkermore changes that were lost when committing mips dynami...
2012-08-05 Rich Felkermore stuff lost committing mips dynamic linker
2012-08-05 Rich Felkerfix change lost in the process of integrating mips...
2012-08-05 Rich Felkerremove configure check disabling shared libraries on...
2012-08-05 Rich Felkermips dynamic linker support
2012-08-05 Rich Felkermake dynlink.lo depend on reloc.h in makefile
2012-08-05 Rich Felkermore cleanup of dynamic linker internals
2012-08-05 Rich Felkermore dynamic linker internals cleanup
2012-08-05 Rich Felkerdynamic linker internals cleanup
2012-08-05 Rich Felkerfloating point support for arm setjmp/longjmp
2012-08-03 Rich Felkerrelease notes for 0.9.3
2012-08-03 Rich Felkerabstract out compiler runtime library for linking
2012-08-03 Rich Felkerfix argument type error on wcwidth function
2012-08-02 Rich Felkerfix missing static in getusershell (namespace pollution)
2012-08-01 Rich Felkeroptimize mempcpy to minimize need for data saved across...
2012-07-27 Rich Felkeroptimize arm setjmp/longjmp register saving/loading
2012-07-27 Rich Felkersave AT_HWCAP from auxv for subsequent use in machine...
2012-07-24 Rich Felkerretry on cas failures in sem_trywait
2012-07-24 Rich Felkergcc wrapper improvement: leave libgcc dir in the librar...
2012-07-23 Rich Felkeradd ioperm/iopl syscalls
2012-07-23 Rich Felkeradd splice and vmsplice syscalls
2012-07-23 Rich Felkeradd extended attributes syscalls
2012-07-23 Rich Felkeradd pipe2 syscall
2012-07-23 Rich Felkerremove scanf dependency from getaddrinfo /etc/services...
2012-07-22 Rich Felkergetaddrinfo /etc/services lookup support
2012-07-22 Rich Felkerfix namespace issue in prototypes in math.h
2012-07-22 Rich Felkerfix wrong size for sigjmp_buf signal set array
2012-07-22 Rich Felkeradd floating point register saving/restoring to mips...
2012-07-22 Rich Felkermake getservby*_r return error code rather than -1...
2012-07-21 Rich Felkerfix logic error for skipping failed interfaces in if_na...
2012-07-19 Rich Felkerfix typo in aio.h
2012-07-15 Rich Felkerfix getservby*() with null pointer for protocol argument
2012-07-15 Rich Felkeravoid blx instruction which does not exist on armv4t...
2012-07-13 Rich Felkermake dynamic linker tell the debugger its own pathname
2012-07-13 Rich Felkerfix broken mips a_fetch_add
2012-07-13 Rich Felkersigsetjmp asm for mips
2012-07-13 Rich Felkermipsel (little endian) support
2012-07-13 Rich Felkerworkaround another sendmsg kernel bug on 64-bit machines
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerfix redef of sigprocmask constants on mips
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerdisable dynamic linking on mips for now (broken)
2012-07-12 Rich Felkermore mips bits-header fixes
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerfix mips syscalls with long long args
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerfix several locks that weren't updated right for new...
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerfix pthread_kill unlocking
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerfix breakage of x86_64 sigaction from recent changes...
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerfix mips mcontext_t structure size
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerfix potential race condition in detached threads
2012-07-12 Rich Felkermips clone: don't free stack space used to copy arg
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerfix mips clone() on real linux kernel
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerfix MAP_ANONYMOUS value for mips, remove cruft copied...
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerfix clone() on mips (args were in wrong order)
2012-07-11 Rich Felkerfirst attempt at making threads work on mips
2012-07-11 Rich Felkergeneric c version of __set_thread_area for archs where...
2012-07-11 Rich Felkerinitial version of mips (o32) port, based on work by...
2012-07-11 Rich Felkerremove unused var in new sigaction code
2012-07-11 Rich Felkeruse unsigned bitmask for consistency in ksigaction
2012-07-11 Rich Felkerfix breakage from last commit: forgot to include ksigac...
2012-07-11 Rich Felkerchanges to kernel sigaction struct handling in preparat...
2012-07-11 Rich Felkermake dynamic linker depend on -DSHARED not -fPIC
2012-07-11 Rich Felkerfix lots of breakage on dlopen, mostly with explicit...
2012-07-10 Rich Felkersupport -mfpmath=387 on x86_64
2012-07-10 Rich Felkerfix wrong value of FLT_EVAL_METHOD for x86_64
2012-07-09 Rich Felkermake arm syscalls (still non-inline) more efficient
2012-07-08 Rich Felkerremove little-endian assumption from arm atomic.h
2012-07-07 Rich Felkerfix dlsym RTLD_NEXT support
2012-07-04 Rich Felkerputw is supposed to return 0 (not the value written...
2012-07-04 Rich Felkermake sure getw/putw agree with prototypes by defining...
2012-07-04 Rich Felkeradd prototypes for getw/putw
2012-07-04 Rich Felkerconfigure: only use -ffloat-store on i386
2012-07-04 Rich Felkerjmp_buf overhaul fixing several issues