2012-09-16 Rich Felkeradd O_EXEC open mode
2012-09-16 Rich Felkeradd crypt_md5 password hash
2012-09-16 Rich Felkerfix stupid bug in updating of O_ACCMODE for O_SEARCH...
2012-09-15 Rich Felker0.9.5 release notes
2012-09-15 Rich Felkerfix syscall asm constraints for arm too
2012-09-15 Rich Felkerrevert low rounds-count limits in crypt hashes
2012-09-15 Rich Felkerupdate mips cancellation-point syscall asm with 7-arg...
2012-09-15 Rich Felkerfix buggy constraints in mips inline syscall asm
2012-09-15 Rich Felkerworkaround gcc got-register-reload performance problems...
2012-09-15 Rich Felkerremove forced -O3 from shared library CFLAGS
2012-09-14 Rich Felkeruse vfork if possible in posix_spawn
2012-09-14 Rich Felkerstrsep is BSD|GNU, not GNU-only; it's originally from BSD
2012-09-14 Rich Felkeradd O_PATH/O_SEARCH support to fcntl.h
2012-09-11 Rich Felkerimprove mips syscall asm constraints to use immediates...
2012-09-11 Rich Felkereliminate assumption that mips syscall restart preserve...
2012-09-10 Rich Felkerasm for memmove on i386 and x86_64
2012-09-10 Rich Felkerfix another ppoll issue (missing sigset_t size argument)
2012-09-10 Rich Felkerreenable word-at-at-time copying in memmove
2012-09-10 Rich Felkerfix ppoll with null timeout argument
2012-09-10 Rich Felkeradd LIBCC (compiler runtime) logic and override to...
2012-09-09 Rich Felkeradd setdomainname syscall, fix getdomainname (previousl...
2012-09-09 Rich Felkermincore syscall wrapper
2012-09-09 Rich Felkerfix up lfs64 junk for preadv/pwritev
2012-09-09 Rich Felkeradd preadv/pwritev syscall wrappers
2012-09-09 Rich Felkerfix typo introduced in poll.h
2012-09-09 Rich Felkeradd linux ppoll syscall wrapper
2012-09-09 Rich Felkerreenable sync_file_range; should no longer break on...
2012-09-09 Rich Felkeradd 7-arg syscall support for mips
2012-09-09 Rich Felkerinline syscall support for arm
2012-09-09 Rich Felkerinline syscall support for mips
2012-09-09 Rich Felkerfix mips syscall_cp_asm code (saved register usage)
2012-09-09 Rich Felkerfix broken mips syscall asm
2012-09-09 Rich Felkerdisable sync_file_range for now
2012-09-09 Rich Felkersyscall organization overhaul
2012-09-09 Rich Felkeradd acct syscall source file, omitted in last syscalls...
2012-09-09 Rich Felkeradd acct, accept4, setns, and dup3 syscalls (linux...
2012-09-08 Rich Felkeradd IPPROTO_HOPOPTS to in.h
2012-09-08 Rich Felkeradd IPPROTO_MAX to in.h
2012-09-08 Rich Felkerfix redundant _Noreturn def in err.h
2012-09-08 Rich Felkerremove all remaining redundant __restrict/__inline...
2012-09-08 Rich Felkersysmacros major/minor: result should have type unsigned...
2012-09-08 Rich Felkeradd linux tee syscall
2012-09-08 Rich Felkeradd linux sync_file_range syscall
2012-09-08 Rich Felkermove fallocate syscall wrapper to linux-specific syscal...
2012-09-08 Rich Felkeradd linux readahead syscall
2012-09-08 Rich Felkeradd fallocate (nonstandardized) function
2012-09-08 Rich Felkerfix broken fallocate syscall in posix_fallocate
2012-09-08 Rich Felkeradd timerfd interfaces (untested)
2012-09-08 Rich Felkeradd stdnoreturn.h (C11)
2012-09-08 Rich FelkerTCP_* is in the reserved namespace for tcp.h; make...
2012-09-08 Rich Felkerremove unneeded judgemental commentary from ftw.h
2012-09-08 Rich Felkerdefault features: make musl usable without feature...
2012-09-07 Rich Felkeradd clang-compatible thread-pointer code for mips
2012-09-07 Rich Felkercleanup src/linux and src/misc trees, etc.
2012-09-07 Rich Felkerfix constraint violation in ftw
2012-09-07 Rich Felkerprovide loff_t for splice syscall
2012-09-07 Rich Felkerfurther use of _Noreturn, for non-plain-C functions
2012-09-07 Rich Felkerfix invalid implicit pointer conversion in gnulib-compa...
2012-09-07 Rich Felkeradd _Noreturn function attribute, with fallback for...
2012-09-07 Rich Felkerdladdr should be available under _BSD_SOURCE as well...
2012-09-07 Rich Felkeruse restrict everywhere it's required by c99 and/or...
2012-09-07 Rich Felkerremove dependency of wmemmove on wmemcpy direction
2012-09-07 Rich Felkerremove dependency of memmove on memcpy direction
2012-09-07 Rich Felkerfix broken ttyname[_r] (failure to null-terminate result)
2012-09-02 Rich Felkeravoid "inline" in public headers for strict c89 compati...
2012-09-01 Rich Felkerfix wrong type for poll.h nfds_t
2012-08-30 Rich Felkerfix missing statics in crypt_sha256 code
2012-08-29 Rich Felkeranti-DoS rounds count limits for blowfish and des crypt
2012-08-29 Rich Felkerlimit sha512 rounds to similar runtime to sha256 limit
2012-08-29 Rich Felkeradd sha256/sha512 crypt
2012-08-29 Rich Felkerget rid of eh_frame bloat
2012-08-27 Rich Felkerfix bug caused by main app & libc having map set; canno...
2012-08-27 Rich Felkerdladdr support for dynamic linker (nonstandard extension)
2012-08-26 Rich Felkerimplement "low hanging fruit" from C11
2012-08-26 Rich Felkeradd c11 quick_exit and at_quick_exit functions
2012-08-25 Rich Felkerfix bug in gnu hash lookup on dlsym(handle, name) lookups
2012-08-25 Rich Felkerclean up search_vec usage for vdso
2012-08-25 Rich Felkeruse new search_vec function to find vdso in dynamic...
2012-08-25 Rich Felkerensure canary is setup if stack-prot libs are dlopen...
2012-08-25 Rich Felkeradd gnu hash support in the dynamic linker
2012-08-24 Rich Felkertype exposure fixes in sys/sem.h
2012-08-24 Rich Felkerstdio_ext.h needs to include stdio.h, at least to get...
2012-08-24 Rich Felkerfix missing uintXX_t in nameser.h
2012-08-24 Rich Felkerfix dirent.h with _BSD_SOURCE
2012-08-23 Rich Felkeroptimize legacy ffs function
2012-08-20 Rich Felkerfix bug whereby most atexit-registered functions got...
2012-08-18 Rich Felkermake dynamic linker report all failures before exiting
2012-08-18 Rich Felkerrelease notes for 0.9.4
2012-08-18 Rich Felkeradd mips to supported arch list in INSTALL file
2012-08-18 Rich Felkercrt1 must align stack pointer on mips
2012-08-18 Rich Felkerfix bug computing argc when invoking
2012-08-17 Rich Felkersplit up installation target
2012-08-17 Rich Felkerfix extremely rare but dangerous race condition in...
2012-08-17 Rich Felkerfix float parsing logic for long decimal expansions
2012-08-16 Rich Felkerhandle null arguments to legacy bsd err.h functions
2012-08-15 Rich Felkerimprove headers to better deal with removed-in-posix...
2012-08-15 Rich Felkeradd missing xattr functions
2012-08-15 Rich Felkerupdate copyright/credits for recent code additions
2012-08-15 Rich Felkersupport configuring cross compiling with CROSS_COMPILE...
2012-08-14 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/bsd'