2012-05-12 nszsearch: add comments to tsearch_avl.c
2012-05-12 nszsearch: add tdestroy (gnu extension)
2012-05-11 Rich Felkeradd missing IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL
2012-05-11 Rich Felkeradd one more bogus legacy header
2012-05-11 Rich Felkermove vsyslog out of SYSLOG_NAMES conditional
2012-05-11 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/master'
2012-05-11 Rich Felkerremove __lock dependency from exit
2012-05-11 Rich Felkerfix missing static (namespace clash)
2012-05-10 Rich Felkerfix missing parens in bit op macros (param.h)
2012-05-10 Rich Felkerand another bug in setbit, etc. macros..
2012-05-10 Rich Felkerfix typo in sys/param.h that broke setbit, etc. macros
2012-05-09 Rich Felkeromit declaration of basename wrongly interpreted as...
2012-05-07 nszmath: fix remquo.c when x==-y and a subnormal remainder...
2012-05-07 Rich Felkersome assemblers don't like fistpq; use the alt. mnemoni...
2012-05-07 Rich Felkerfix error checking for \ at end of regex (this was...
2012-05-07 Rich Felkerfix copy and paste error in regex code causing mishandl...
2012-05-07 Rich Felkerfix regex breakage in last commit (failure to handle...
2012-05-07 Rich Felkerfix ugly bugs in TRE regex parser
2012-05-06 Rich Felkerupdate release info for 0.9.0
2012-05-06 Rich Felkersome extra legacy header stuff
2012-05-06 nszadd FORCE_EVAL macro to evaluate float expr for their...
2012-05-06 Rich Felkerfix unused variable warnings in new nextafter/nexttowar...
2012-05-06 Rich Felkertake byte order from gcc if gcc has defined it
2012-05-06 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/master'
2012-05-06 Rich Felkeradd isastream (obsolete STREAMS junk)
2012-05-06 nszmath: nextafter and nexttoward cleanup
2012-05-06 Rich Felkerfix definitions of FP_ILOGB constants
2012-05-05 Rich Felkeradd -frounding-math to build
2012-05-05 Rich Felkerupdate readme and release notes for 0.9.0 release ...
2012-05-05 Rich Felkerrelicense musl under MIT license
2012-05-05 Rich Felkerupdate license of njk contributed code (x86_64 asm)
2012-05-05 Rich Felkerupdate INSTALL file to reflect configure script usage
2012-05-05 Rich Felkerinitial commit of configure script
2012-05-05 Rich Felkermake pthread stacks non-executable
2012-05-05 Rich Felkerimprove the build rules for installing /lib/ld-musl...
2012-05-05 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/master'
2012-05-05 Rich Felkerfix error reporting for dlsym with global symbols
2012-05-04 nszmath: change the formula used for acos.s
2012-05-04 Rich Felkerfix uninitialized var in vfwprintf printing 0-prec...
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeradd *64 junk for sys/*.h headers
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeradd support for ugly *64 functions with _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeravoid setting nondefault scheduler too
2012-05-04 Rich Felkerimplement stub versions of sched_*
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeruglify headers for the sake of junk that compiles with...
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeradd additional compatibility union member for ipv6...
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeroverhaul SSP support to use a real canary
2012-05-04 Rich Felkermake all .o files depend on *_impl.h and libc.h
2012-05-03 Rich Felkerremove some junk from x86_64 start files
2012-05-03 Rich FelkerPIE support for x86_64 (untested)
2012-05-03 Rich Felkerconsistency cleanup: removed redundant size suffixed...
2012-05-03 Rich FelkerPIE support for i386
2012-05-03 Rich Felkerremove attempts to be pie-compatible from i386 crt1.s
2012-05-02 Rich Felkerfix longstanding exit logic bugs in mbsnrtowcs and...
2012-05-02 Rich Felkerremove minimal linux kernel headers
2012-05-01 Rich Felkerreorganize Makefile to support "least surprise" config...
2012-05-01 Rich Felkerremove objcopy --weaken from the makefile
2012-05-01 Rich Felkersupport alternate glibc name pow10 for exp10
2012-05-01 Rich Felkeradd C stub for sqrtl (already implemented in asm on...
2012-04-30 Rich Felkerfirst try at writing an efficient and "correct" exp10
2012-04-30 Rich Felkermake stack protector work with gcc configured for non...
2012-04-30 Rich Felkerfix off-by-one error that caused uninitialized memory...
2012-04-30 Rich Felkerfix typo in the x86_64 rounding asm
2012-04-30 Rich Felkernew math asm (abs/rounding) for x86_64
2012-04-29 Rich Felkerfix float_t and double_t defs on x86 when -mfpmath...
2012-04-29 Rich Felkeradd linux-specific unshare syscall wrapper
2012-04-29 Rich Felkerfix longstanding missing static in mq_notify (namespace...
2012-04-28 Rich Felkernew fnmatch implementation
2012-04-27 Rich Felkersupport FLT_EVAL_METHOD changing on x86 with gcc -msse2...
2012-04-26 Rich Felkerupdate fnmatch to POSIX 2008 semantics
2012-04-25 Rich Felkerrelease notes for 0.8.10
2012-04-25 Rich Felkergdb shared library debugging support
2012-04-24 Rich Felkerfirst attempt at enabling stack protector support
2012-04-24 Rich Felkeruse signed char rather than plain char for int8_t
2012-04-24 Rich Felkeradd another example option to dist/config.mak
2012-04-24 Rich Felkerditch the priority inheritance locks; use malloc's...
2012-04-24 Rich Felkerinternal locks: new owner of contended lock must set...
2012-04-24 Rich Felkernew internal locking primitive; drop spinlocks
2012-04-24 Rich Felkernew wcwidth implementation (fast table-based)
2012-04-23 Rich Felkersync case mappings with unicode 6.1
2012-04-23 Rich Felkeroptimize iswprint
2012-04-23 Rich Felkerfix spurious punct class for some surrogate codepoints...
2012-04-23 Rich Felkerdestubify iswalpha and update iswpunct to unicode 6.1
2012-04-23 Rich Felkermake dlerror produce informative results
2012-04-22 Rich Felkerimplement getusershell, etc. legacy functions
2012-04-22 Rich Felkergetdtablesize is not standard; move it to its correct...
2012-04-22 Rich Felkernew gcc wrapper, entirely specfile based
2012-04-22 Rich Felkerremove redundant (unmaintained) check in floatscan
2012-04-22 Rich Felkerfix breakage in endian.h
2012-04-22 Rich Felkeradd some ugly byte swapping cruft in endian.h
2012-04-22 Rich Felkeradd getresuid and getresgid syscall wrappers
2012-04-21 Rich Felkerfix major breakage in iconv, bogus rejecting of dest...
2012-04-21 Rich Felkermake floatscan correctly set errno for overflow/underflow
2012-04-21 Rich Felkerskip leading zeros even after decimal point in floatscan
2012-04-21 Rich Felkerfix overread (consuming an extra byte) scanning NAN
2012-04-21 Rich Felkerfix broken sysconf when correct value is -1
2012-04-20 Rich Felkerrelease notes for 0.8.9 (bugfix release)
2012-04-19 Rich Felkerfurther fixes to leading space issue (forgot the wide...
2012-04-19 Rich Felkerfix really bad breakage in strtol, etc.: failure to...
2012-04-18 Rich Felkerfix header typo
2012-04-18 Rich Felkerlegacy junk compatibility grab-bag