2013-05-06 Szabolcs Nagyremove compound literals from math.h to please c++
2013-05-05 Rich Felkerfix incorrect clock tick scaling in fallback case of...
2013-05-05 Rich Felkerdo not interpret errors in return value of times()...
2013-04-26 Rich Felkertransition to using functions for internal signal block...
2013-04-26 Rich Felkeroptimize/debloat raise
2013-04-26 Rich Felkerprevent code from running under a thread id which alrea...
2013-04-26 Rich Felkersynccall signal handler need not handle dead threads...
2013-04-26 Rich Felkerfix clobbering of signal mask when creating thread...
2013-04-26 Rich Felkermake last thread's pthread_exit give exit(0) a consiste...
2013-04-26 Rich Felkeruse atomic decrement rather than cas in pthread_exit...
2013-04-26 Rich Felkeradd comments on some of the pthread_exit logic
2013-04-26 Rich Felkeralways block signals in pthread_exit before decrementin...
2013-04-26 Rich Felkerremove explicit locking to prevent __synccall setuid...
2013-04-23 Rich Felkerremove __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS and __STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS...
2013-04-22 Rich Felkerfix reversed argument order x86_64 sigsetjmp's call...
2013-04-20 Rich Felkercomment potentially-confusing use of struct crypt_data...
2013-04-20 Rich Felkermention bits headers in another part of copyright file
2013-04-20 Rich Felkerupdate copyright year
2013-04-20 Rich Felkerclarify that bits headers are included as public headers
2013-04-20 Rich Felkermake dynamic linker accept : or \n as path separator
2013-04-14 Rich Felkerrelease notes for 0.9.10
2013-04-11 Rich Felkermake ifaddrs.h expose sys/socket.h
2013-04-09 rofl0rgetifaddrs: implement proper ipv6 netmasks
2013-04-09 Rich Felkermbrtowc: do not leave mbstate_t in permanent-fail state...
2013-04-09 Rich Felkerimplement mbtowc directly, not as a wrapper for mbrtowc
2013-04-09 Rich Felkeroptimize mbrtowc
2013-04-09 Rich Felkerfix out-of-bounds access in UTF-8 decoding
2013-04-08 Rich Felkerfix signalfd not to ignore flags
2013-04-06 Rich Felkersilence nonsensical warnings in timer_create
2013-04-06 Rich Felkeradd support for program_invocation[_short]_name
2013-04-06 Rich Felkerfix argument omission in ABI-compat weak_alias for...
2013-04-06 Isaac DunhamAdd ABI compatability aliases.
2013-04-06 Rich Felkerfix type error in pthread_create, introduced with pthre...
2013-04-05 rofl0rgetifaddrs: remove unused label
2013-04-05 rofl0rgetifaddrs: use if_nameindex to enumerate interfaces
2013-04-05 rofl0rgetifaddrs: one less indent level
2013-04-05 rofl0rgetifaddrs: less malloc
2013-04-05 rofl0rinclude/ifaddrs.h: add prototypes for get/freeifaddrs
2013-04-05 rofl0radd getifaddrs
2013-04-05 rofl0rnet/if.h: add some missing IFF_ constants
2013-04-05 Rich Felkeradd prototype for dn_skipname
2013-04-05 Rich Felkerimplement dn_skipname (legacy resolver function)
2013-04-05 rofl0radd arpa/tftp.h
2013-04-05 Rich Felkerfix type issues in stdint.h so underlying types of...
2013-04-04 Rich Felkereliminate bits/wchar.h
2013-04-04 Rich Felkereliminate gcc dependency for testing char signedness...
2013-04-04 Rich Felkeradd put*ent functions for passwd/group files and simila...
2013-04-04 Rich Felkercleanup wcstombs
2013-04-04 Rich Felkercleanup mbstowcs wrapper
2013-04-04 Rich Felkerminor optimization to mbstowcs
2013-04-04 Rich Felkerfix incorrect range checks in wcsrtombs
2013-04-04 Rich Felkeroverhaul mbsrtowcs
2013-04-02 rofl0rre-add useconds_t
2013-04-02 rofl0radd arpa/nameser_compat.h
2013-04-02 rofl0rmake tm_zone etc visible under _GNU_SOURCE
2013-04-02 rofl0r__time_to_tm: initialize tm_zone and tm_gmtoff
2013-04-01 Szabolcs Nagyadd syscall numbers for the new kcmp and finit_module...
2013-04-01 Szabolcs Nagyadd the new SO_REUSEPORT socket option to mips and...
2013-04-01 Szabolcs Nagyadd new socket options to sys/socket.h following linux
2013-04-01 Szabolcs Nagyadding ethernet protocol ids to if_ether.h following...
2013-04-01 Szabolcs Nagyadd ADJ_SETOFFSET timex mode bit (new in linux v2.6.39)
2013-04-01 Szabolcs Nagyadd new linux tcp socket option flags to netinet/tcp.h
2013-04-01 Rich Felkerfix typo in setpriority syscall wrapper
2013-04-01 Rich Felkerprovide prototype for pthread_getattr_np
2013-04-01 Rich Felkerimplement pthread_getattr_np
2013-03-27 Rich Felkerremove __SYSCALL_SSLEN arch macro in favor of using...
2013-03-27 Rich Felkerprovide emulation of fcntl F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC on old kernels
2013-03-25 Rich Felkerin pipe2, use pipe() rather than __syscall(SYS_pipe...
2013-03-25 Rich Felkerrewrite popen to use posix_spawn instead of fragile...
2013-03-25 Rich Felkerremove cruft from pre-posix_spawn version of the system...
2013-03-24 Rich Felkeradd deprecated SIGIOT alias for SIGABRT
2013-03-23 Rich Felkerfix multiple bugs in syslog interfaces
2013-03-10 Rich Felkerremove soname from
2013-03-07 Rich Felkerfix epoll structure alignment on non-x86_64 archs
2013-03-06 Rich Felkerfix missing type error in grp.h from adding fgetgrent
2013-03-05 Rich Felkerfix types for wctype_t and wctrans_t
2013-03-04 Rich Felkerfix some obscure header type size/alignment issues
2013-02-26 Rich Felkerfix wrong float_t on x86_64
2013-02-26 Rich Felkerfix cruft in utmp.h that was broken by changes in utmpx.h
2013-02-26 Rich Felkerfix integer type issue in strverscmp
2013-02-26 Rich Felkerimplement non-stub strverscmp
2013-02-26 Rich Felkernamespace conformance to latest standards in strings.h
2013-02-22 Rich Felkerreplace stub with working strcasestr
2013-02-22 Rich Felkerfix wrong return value from wmemmove on forward copies
2013-02-21 rofl0rscsci/sg.h: fix usage of undefined macro HZ
2013-02-21 rofl0radd arpa/ftp.h
2013-02-21 Rich Felkeruse memcmp instead of str[n]cmp for temp function XXXXX...
2013-02-21 Rich Felkerfix error cases in mkostemps core
2013-02-21 Rich Felkerremove leftover unused variable in mktemp after refactoring
2013-02-21 Rich Felkeradd mkostemp, mkstemps, and mkostemps functions and...
2013-02-17 Rich Felkerremove unused #undef environ now that libc.h no longer...
2013-02-17 Rich Felkerconsistently use the internal name __environ for environ
2013-02-17 Rich Felkeradd fgetgrent function
2013-02-07 Rich Felkerfix typo in newly-added error message for EOWNERDEAD
2013-02-07 Rich Felkerimprove error strings
2013-02-06 rofl0rarm: add __aeabi_atexit()
2013-02-06 rofl0rMakefile: make it possible to build arch specific C...
2013-02-03 Rich Felkerbase system() on posix_spawn
2013-02-03 Rich Felkerfix unsigned comparison bug in posix_spawn
2013-02-03 Rich Felkeroverhaul posix_spawn to use CLONE_VM instead of vfork