2013-04-01 Rich Felkerfix typo in setpriority syscall wrapper
2013-04-01 Rich Felkerprovide prototype for pthread_getattr_np
2013-04-01 Rich Felkerimplement pthread_getattr_np
2013-03-27 Rich Felkerremove __SYSCALL_SSLEN arch macro in favor of using...
2013-03-27 Rich Felkerprovide emulation of fcntl F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC on old kernels
2013-03-25 Rich Felkerin pipe2, use pipe() rather than __syscall(SYS_pipe...
2013-03-25 Rich Felkerrewrite popen to use posix_spawn instead of fragile...
2013-03-25 Rich Felkerremove cruft from pre-posix_spawn version of the system...
2013-03-24 Rich Felkeradd deprecated SIGIOT alias for SIGABRT
2013-03-23 Rich Felkerfix multiple bugs in syslog interfaces
2013-03-10 Rich Felkerremove soname from
2013-03-07 Rich Felkerfix epoll structure alignment on non-x86_64 archs
2013-03-06 Rich Felkerfix missing type error in grp.h from adding fgetgrent
2013-03-05 Rich Felkerfix types for wctype_t and wctrans_t
2013-03-04 Rich Felkerfix some obscure header type size/alignment issues
2013-02-26 Rich Felkerfix wrong float_t on x86_64
2013-02-26 Rich Felkerfix cruft in utmp.h that was broken by changes in utmpx.h
2013-02-26 Rich Felkerfix integer type issue in strverscmp
2013-02-26 Rich Felkerimplement non-stub strverscmp
2013-02-26 Rich Felkernamespace conformance to latest standards in strings.h
2013-02-22 Rich Felkerreplace stub with working strcasestr
2013-02-22 Rich Felkerfix wrong return value from wmemmove on forward copies
2013-02-21 rofl0rscsci/sg.h: fix usage of undefined macro HZ
2013-02-21 rofl0radd arpa/ftp.h
2013-02-21 Rich Felkeruse memcmp instead of str[n]cmp for temp function XXXXX...
2013-02-21 Rich Felkerfix error cases in mkostemps core
2013-02-21 Rich Felkerremove leftover unused variable in mktemp after refactoring
2013-02-21 Rich Felkeradd mkostemp, mkstemps, and mkostemps functions and...
2013-02-17 Rich Felkerremove unused #undef environ now that libc.h no longer...
2013-02-17 Rich Felkerconsistently use the internal name __environ for environ
2013-02-17 Rich Felkeradd fgetgrent function
2013-02-07 Rich Felkerfix typo in newly-added error message for EOWNERDEAD
2013-02-07 Rich Felkerimprove error strings
2013-02-06 rofl0rarm: add __aeabi_atexit()
2013-02-06 rofl0rMakefile: make it possible to build arch specific C...
2013-02-03 Rich Felkerbase system() on posix_spawn
2013-02-03 Rich Felkerfix unsigned comparison bug in posix_spawn
2013-02-03 Rich Felkeroverhaul posix_spawn to use CLONE_VM instead of vfork
2013-02-03 Rich Felkerstreamline old-kernel fallback path of pipe2 to use...
2013-02-03 Rich Felkerfix regression that made shared libs crash on arm
2013-02-02 Rich Felkerdynamically allocate storage for gethostby* buffers
2013-02-02 Rich Felkerfix blank ai_canonname from getaddrinfo for non-CNAMEs
2013-02-02 Rich Felkerfix memory leak due to double call to getaddrinfo in...
2013-02-02 Rich Felkerfix error returns in gethostby*_r functions
2013-02-02 Rich Felkerfix uninitialized map_len being used in munmap failure...
2013-02-02 Rich Felkerfix stale locks left behind when pthread_create fails
2013-02-02 Rich Felkerif pthread_create fails, it must not attempt mmap if...
2013-02-02 Rich Felkerpthread stack treatment overhaul for application-provid...
2013-02-02 rofl0rmake some arrays const
2013-02-01 Rich Felkerreplace __wake function with macro that performs direct...
2013-02-01 Rich Felkerfix up minor misplacement of restrict keyword in spawna...
2013-02-01 Rich Felkerrelease notes for 0.9.9
2013-02-01 Rich Felkerrevert regex "cleanup" that seems unjustified and may...
2013-01-31 Rich FelkerSOL_TCP is nonstandard and not in the reserved namespace
2013-01-26 Rich Felkerfix tm_to_time logic for number of days in november
2013-01-24 Rich Felkeradd RTLD_NODELETE flag for dlopen
2013-01-24 Rich Felkeradd support for RTLD_NOLOAD to dlopen
2013-01-24 Rich Felkerfix regression in dlsym: rejection of special RTLD_...
2013-01-19 Rich Felkeruse a common definition of NULL as 0L for C and C++
2013-01-16 Rich Felkerfix warning building dynlink.c stub for static libc
2013-01-16 Rich Felkerfix bug in dladdr that prevented resolving addresses...
2013-01-15 Szabolcs Nagyremove unused "params" related code from regex
2013-01-14 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/math'
2013-01-13 Szabolcs Nagyregex: remove an unused local variable from regexec
2013-01-13 Szabolcs Nagyin crypt_des change unnecessary union keybuf into unsig...
2013-01-13 Szabolcs Nagycrypt: fix the prototype of md5_sum, sha256_sum and...
2013-01-13 Szabolcs Nagyfix lio_listio return value in LIO_WAIT mode
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd MOD_TAI to sys/timex.h and update STA_RONLY
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd SWAP_FLAG_DISCARD to sys/swap.h
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd mount flags to sys/mount.h
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd IN_EXCL_UNLINK to sys/inotify.h
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd EPOLLWAKEUP flag to sys/epoll.h
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd RB_SW_SUSPEND and RB_KEXEC to sys/reboot.h
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd missing mmap options and madvices to bits/mman...
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd missing EXTPROC flag to bits/termios.h
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd missing F_GETOWNER_UIDS flag to bits/fcntl.h
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd missing EHWPOISON to bits/errno.h
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd missing ptrace requests and options to sys/ptrace.h
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd missing multicast socket options to netinet/in.h
2013-01-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd missing protocol families to sys/socket.h
2013-01-10 Rich Felkerfix another case of cloexec/nonblock flags not matching...
2013-01-10 Rich Felkercheck for invalid handles in dlsym/dlclose
2013-01-07 Szabolcs Nagymath: erf and erfc cleanup math
2013-01-04 rofl0rsetjmp.h: add struct tag for sigjmp_buf (GCC C++ compat...
2013-01-04 rofl0radd legacy header values.h
2013-01-04 rofl0rtime.h: add BSD aliases for otherwise internal struct...
2013-01-04 rofl0rwait.h: add linux specific, thread-related waitpid...
2013-01-04 rofl0r__assert_fail(): remove _Noreturn, to get proper stackt...
2013-01-02 Rich Felkeradd some new-ish IPPROTO constants that were missing
2013-01-01 Szabolcs Nagymath: bessel cleanup (jn.c and jnf.c)
2013-01-01 Szabolcs Nagymath: bessel cleanup (j1.c and j1f.c)
2013-01-01 Szabolcs Nagymath: bessel cleanup (j0.c and j0f.c)
2012-12-28 Rich Felkerexpose [v]asprintf under _BSD_SOURCE
2012-12-28 Rich Felkeralign EPOLL_* flags with fcntl O_* flag definitions...
2012-12-27 Rich Felkerfix alignment logic in strlcpy
2012-12-26 Rich Felkeradd linux extension POLLRDHUP to poll.h
2012-12-26 Rich Felkerfix reference to libc struct in static tls init code
2012-12-20 Rich Felkerclean up and fix logic for making mmap fail on invalid...
2012-12-19 Rich Felkermerge a few fixes by sh4rm4
2012-12-19 rofl0rsocket.h: add SO_(SND/RCV)BUFFORCE to generic block