clean up pow.c and powf.c
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2012-03-20 nszclean up pow.c and powf.c
2012-03-20 nszclean up powl.c
2012-03-20 nszfix a cbrtl.c regression and remove x87 precision setting
2012-03-20 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-20 Rich Felkeroptimize scalbn family
2012-03-20 Rich Felkerremquo asm: return quotient mod 8, as intended by the...
2012-03-20 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-20 Rich Felkeruse alternate formula for acos asm to avoid loss of...
2012-03-20 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-20 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-20 Rich Felkerfix exp asm
2012-03-19 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-19 nszcode cleanup of named constants
2012-03-19 nszfix remainder*.c: remove useless long double cast
2012-03-19 nszdon't try to create non-standard denormalization signal
2012-03-19 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-19 nsznew modff.c code, fix nan handling in modfl
2012-03-19 nszuse scalbn or *2.0 instead of ldexp, fix fmal
2012-03-19 nszfix long double const workaround in cbrtl
2012-03-19 nszdon't inline __rem_pio2l so the code size is smaller
2012-03-19 nszminor fix in __tanl (get sign properly)
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerbug fix: wrong opcode for writing long long
2012-03-19 nszremove long double const workarounds
2012-03-19 nszfix erfl wrapper for long double==double case
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for log1p
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for log2
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for remquo
2012-03-19 Rich Felkeroptimize exponential asm for i386
2012-03-19 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerfix broken modf family functions
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for modf functions
2012-03-19 nszsimplify scalbn*.c implementations
2012-03-19 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for floor/ceil/trunc
2012-03-19 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for scalbn family
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for inverse trig functions
2012-03-19 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for log functions
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerfix broken exponential asm
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm for lrint family on i386
2012-03-19 nszMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-03-19 Rich Felkerasm exponential functions for i386
2012-03-19 nszremove unnecessary TODO comments from fma.c
2012-03-18 nszfmal bug fix: nan input should not raise exception
2012-03-18 nszadd fma implementation for x86
2012-03-18 Rich Felkerassembly optimizations for fmod/remainder functions
2012-03-18 Rich Felkerasm versions of some simple math functions for i386...
2012-03-18 nszsimplify lround and llround functions
2012-03-18 nszmake lrint and llrint functions work without fenv support
2012-03-18 nszfaster lrint and llrint functions
2012-03-18 Rich Felkerfix loads of missing const in new libm, and some global...
2012-03-18 Rich Felkertry fixing/optimizing x86_64 fenv exception code
2012-03-17 Rich Felkeroptimize x86 feclearexcept
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerfix x86_64 fe[gs]etround, analogous to nsz's x86 changes
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerminor 387 fenv optimizations
2012-03-17 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-17 nszfix i386 fegetround and make fesetround faster
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerone more fenv availability issue: lround
2012-03-17 Rich Felkermake fma and lrint functions build without full fenv...
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerother side of the signgam namespace fix: use the intern...
2012-03-17 Rich Felkermake signgam a weak alias for an internal symbol
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerfix namespace issues for lgamma, etc.
2012-03-17 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerremove junk sincos implementations in preparation to...
2012-03-15 Rich Felkerremove special nan handling from x86 sqrt asm
2012-03-15 Rich Felkersimplify nan check in sqrt (x86 asm); result of sqrt...
2012-03-15 nszin math.h make lgamma_r and non-double bessel _GNU_SOUR...
2012-03-15 nszefficient sincos based on sin and cos
2012-03-15 Rich Felkerimplement sincosf and sincosl functions; add prototypes
2012-03-15 Rich Felkeravoid changing NaNs in sqrt (x86 asm) to satisfy c99...
2012-03-15 Rich Felkercorrectly rounded sqrt() asm for x86 (i387)
2012-03-14 Rich Felkercorrect rounding for i387 sqrtf function
2012-03-13 nszmath cleanup: use 1.0f instead of 1.0F
2012-03-13 nszmath cleanup: use 1.0f instead of (float)1.0
2012-03-13 nszremove libm.h includes when math.h and float.h are...
2012-03-13 Rich Felkerfix scanf handling of "0" (followed by immediate EOF...
2012-03-13 nszclean up __expo2.c, use a slightly better k constant
2012-03-13 Rich Felkerimplement nan, nanf, nanl
2012-03-13 Rich Felkerfirst commit of the new libm!
2012-03-02 Rich Felkerfix obscure bug in strtoull reading the highest 16...
2012-03-02 Rich Felkerremove debug cruft that was left in getdate
2012-03-02 Rich Felkerfirst try at implementing getdate function
2012-03-02 Rich Felkerfix bugs in strptime handling of string day/month names...
2012-03-02 Rich Felkerimplement a64l and l64a (legacy xsi stuff)
2012-03-02 Rich Felkeradd all missing wchar functions except floating point...
2012-03-02 Rich Felkersupport null buffer argument to getcwd, auto-allocating...
2012-02-28 Rich Felkerimplement wcsftime function
2012-02-28 Rich Felkerfix pthread_cleanup_pop(1) crash in non-thread-capable...
2012-02-27 Rich Felkerwork around "signal loses thread pointer" issue with...
2012-02-25 Rich Felkernew attempt at working around the gcc 3 visibility bug
2012-02-25 Rich Felkerremove useless attribute visibility from definitions
2012-02-24 Rich Felkercleanup and work around visibility bug in gcc 3 that...
2012-02-23 Rich Felkerfix (hopefully) PTRACE_TRACEME (command 0) argument...
2012-02-23 Rich Felkerfix for previous incorrect fix of cancellation in dns...
2012-02-18 Rich Felkerfix get_current_dir_name behavior
2012-02-18 Rich Felkeradd get_current_dir_name function
2012-02-11 Rich Felkerfix default nameserver when resolv.conf doesn't exist
2012-02-11 Rich Felkerfix illegal goto out of cleanup context in dns lookups
2012-02-10 Rich Felkersmall fix for new pthread cleanup stuff