recovering ownerdead robust mutex must reset recursive lock count
[musl] / src / thread / pthread_mutex_trylock.c
2011-10-03 Rich Felkerrecovering ownerdead robust mutex must reset recursive...
2011-10-03 Rich Felkeruse count=0 instead of 1 for recursive mutex with only...
2011-08-03 Rich Felkeravoid accessing mutex memory after atomic unlock
2011-04-17 Rich Felkerdebloat: use __syscall instead of syscall where possible
2011-04-14 Rich Felkercheap trick to further optimize locking normal mutexes
2011-03-29 Rich Felkerrevert mutex "optimization" that turned out to be worse
2011-03-20 Rich Felkerglobal cleanup to use the new syscall interface
2011-03-18 Rich Felkerimplement robust mutexes
2011-03-17 Rich Felkerunify lock and owner fields of mutex structure
2011-03-17 Rich Felkeroptimize contended normal mutex case; add int compare...
2011-03-16 Rich Felkersimplify logic, slightly optimize contended case for...
2011-03-16 Rich Felkercorrect error returns for error-checking mutexes
2011-03-08 Rich Felkersimplify and optimize pthread_mutex_trylock
2011-03-08 Rich Felkerfix and optimize non-default-type mutex behavior
2011-02-17 Rich Felkerreorganize pthread data structures and move the definit...
2011-02-12 Rich Felkerinitial check-in, version 0.5.0