accept "nan(n-char-sequence)" in strtod/scanf functions
[musl] / src / internal / floatscan.c
2012-10-21 Rich Felkeraccept "nan(n-char-sequence)" in strtod/scanf functions
2012-08-17 Rich Felkerfix float parsing logic for long decimal expansions
2012-06-08 Rich Felkerfix scanning of "-0x" pseudo-hex float (must give negat...
2012-04-30 Rich Felkerfix off-by-one error that caused uninitialized memory...
2012-04-22 Rich Felkerremove redundant (unmaintained) check in floatscan
2012-04-21 Rich Felkermake floatscan correctly set errno for overflow/underflow
2012-04-21 Rich Felkerskip leading zeros even after decimal point in floatscan
2012-04-21 Rich Felkerfix overread (consuming an extra byte) scanning NAN
2012-04-19 Rich Felkerfix really bad breakage in strtol, etc.: failure to...
2012-04-18 Rich Felkerfix typo in exponent reading code or floats
2012-04-18 Rich Felkerfix failure to read infinity in scanf
2012-04-16 Rich Felkerfloatscan: fix incorrect count of leading nonzero digits
2012-04-12 Rich Felkerremove magic numbers from floatscan
2012-04-12 Rich Felkeroptimize more integer cases in floatscan; comment the...
2012-04-12 Rich Felkerrevert invalid optimization in floatscan
2012-04-12 Rich Felkerfix stupid typo in floatscan that caused excess roundin...
2012-04-11 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-04-11 Rich Felkeroptimize floatscan downscaler to skip results that...
2012-04-11 Rich Felkersimplify/debloat radix point alignment code in floatscan
2012-04-11 Rich Felkeroptimize floatscan: avoid excessive upscaling
2012-04-11 Rich Felkerfix bug parsing lone zero followed by junk, and hex...
2012-04-11 Rich Felkerfix float scanning of certain values ending in zeros
2012-04-11 Rich Felkerfix potential overflow in exponent reading
2012-04-11 Rich Felkerset errno properly when parsing floating point
2012-04-11 Rich Felkeradd "scan helper getc" and rework strtod, etc. to use it
2012-04-10 Rich Felkernew floating point parser/converter