simplify atexit and fflush-on-exit handling
[musl] / include /
2011-10-04 Rich Felkermake [U]INTn_C() macros have the right type...
2011-09-28 Rich Felkerstupid typo (caused by rather ugly spelling in POSIX...
2011-09-26 Rich Felkerfix ctype macros to cast argument to (unsigned) first
2011-09-26 Rich Felkercleanup various minor issues reported by nsz
2011-09-24 Rich FelkerFD_ISSET must return an int. this is the easiest way.
2011-09-23 Rich Felkersys/user.h may need stdint.h
2011-09-22 Rich Felkerfix missing SIG_DFL, SIG_IGN, SIG_ERR without posix...
2011-09-22 Rich Felkergnu search.h has struct qelem...
2011-09-21 Rich Felkerfix some header typos
2011-09-20 Rich Felkermake stdbool.h conform to c99
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix incorrect include guard in mqueue.h
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix the fsid_t structure to match name of __val
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix broken siginfo_t with _GNU_SOURCE defined
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix the definition of struct statvfs to match lsb abi
2011-09-20 Rich Felkeradd some more siginfo aliases broken software expects...
2011-09-20 Rich Felkercleanup redundancy in bits/signal.h versions
2011-09-19 Rich Felkerfix the type of wchar_t on arm; support wchar_t varying...
2011-09-19 Rich Felkerfix broken multi-inclusion guard in sys/reg.h
2011-09-18 Rich Felkercleanup more bits cruft (sysmacros and socket)
2011-09-18 Rich Felkermore bits junk (tcp.h)
2011-09-18 Rich Felkermove invariant netinet/in.h stuff out of bits/in.h
2011-09-18 Rich Felkeroverhaul clone syscall wrapping
2011-09-15 Rich Felkerimplement ptrace syscall wrapper (untested)
2011-09-14 Rich Felkerfix return types for aio_read and aio_write again
2011-09-14 Rich Felkerfix various errors in function signatures/prototypes...
2011-09-13 Rich Felkerfix prototypes for aio_read and aio_write
2011-09-12 Rich Felkerimplement gnu sigisemptyset
2011-09-12 Rich Felkeradd prototypes for GNU *_unlocked stdio functions
2011-09-12 Rich Felkeradd dummied strverscmp (obnoxious GNU function)
2011-09-12 Rich Felkerdeclare alloca in stdlib.h when _GNU_SOURCE is defined
2011-09-09 Rich Felkerimplement POSIX asynchronous io
2011-09-04 Rich Felkerimplement fmemopen
2011-09-03 Rich Felkerimplement open_wmemstream
2011-09-03 Rich Felkerimplement open_memstream
2011-09-02 Rich Felkerfix missing prototypes/wrong signature for psiginfo...
2011-08-27 Rich Felkerfix broken FD_* macros on 64-bit targets
2011-08-14 Rich Felkermacro for pthread_equal
2011-08-12 Rich Felkerimplement forkall
2011-07-31 Rich Felkerconsistency: use struct __ucontext instead of ucontext_...
2011-07-09 Rich Felkeradd missing signalfd flags
2011-07-01 Rich Felkerfill in junk in stropts.h
2011-06-30 Rich Felkeradd and consolidate nasty stdio_ext junk
2011-06-30 Rich Felkerimplement the nonstandard GNU function fpurge
2011-06-29 Rich Felkeravoid errors in ucontext.h when no feature test macros...
2011-06-27 Rich Felkerfurther fixup dlfcn.h
2011-06-27 Rich Felkermatch LSB/glibc constants for dynamic loader
2011-06-25 Rich FelkerXSI search.h API implementation by Szabolcs Nagy
2011-06-25 Rich Felkermove all limits that don't vary out of bits/limits...
2011-06-18 Rich Felkercopy-paste error in prctl.h
2011-06-16 Rich Felkerfix some struct padding to match LSB/glibc ABI where...
2011-06-16 Rich Felkerduplicate re_nsub in LSB/glibc ABI compatible location
2011-06-10 Rich Felkeradd netpacket/packet.h
2011-06-08 Rich Felkerisgreater etc. relation macros for math.h
2011-06-07 Rich Felkerdefine MQ_PRIO_MAX
2011-06-07 Rich Felkeradd support for POSIX message queues, except mq_notify
2011-06-07 Rich Felkeruse __attribute__((const)) for errno and pthread_self...
2011-06-06 Rich Felkerfix handling of d_name in struct dirent
2011-05-30 Rich Felkermissing prototypes for mbsnrtowcs and wcsnrtombs
2011-05-30 Rich Felkerimplement pthread_[sg]etconcurrency.
2011-05-28 Rich Felkerinitial implementation of posix_spawn
2011-05-08 Rich Felkereventfd syscall wrapper and read/write wrappers
2011-05-05 Rich Felkeradd SA_NOMASK alias for SA_NODEFER with _GNU_SOURCE
2011-04-28 Rich Felkeruse compiler builtins for variadic macros when available
2011-04-27 Rich Felkercorrect variadic prototypes for execl* family
2011-04-26 Rich Felkerfunction signature fix: add const qualifier to mempcpy...
2011-04-26 Rich Felkertypo in prototype for mempcpy
2011-04-26 Rich Felkerprototype for mempcpy
2011-04-21 Rich Felkermove wait.h macros out of bits. they do not vary.
2011-04-21 Rich Felkerinclude signal.h to avoid thorny __sigcontext/sigcontex...
2011-04-21 Rich Felkerimplement (nonstandard) forkpty
2011-04-15 Rich Felkerfix O_SYNC definition, cleanup fcntl.h
2011-04-15 Rich Felkerfcntl.h: move macros that do not vary between archs...
2011-04-14 Rich Felkeradd useless type fd_mask. it's in the reserved namespace.
2011-04-13 Rich Felkernumerous fixes to sysv ipc
2011-04-13 Rich Felkeradd syslog.h cruft for syslogd to use...
2011-04-13 Rich Felkeradd profile for getmntent_r
2011-04-13 Rich Felkerfix typos on RLIM_NLIMITS, remove _GNU_SOURCE test...
2011-04-13 Rich Felkerfix and cleanup suseconds_t/timeval stuff (broken on...
2011-04-13 Rich Felkerfix prototypes/signature for setgroups, etc.
2011-04-13 Rich Felkerfix incorrect GNU sighandler_t typedef
2011-04-13 Rich Felkerimplement memrchr (nonstandard) and optimize strrchr...
2011-04-13 Rich Felkeradd ptsname_r (nonstandard) and split ptsname (standard...
2011-04-12 Rich Felkermove bswap functions to static inline in byteswap.h
2011-04-12 Rich Felkerutmpx.h is no longer under standards, so expose ut_exit...
2011-04-12 Rich Felkeradd some traditional aliases to stat.h
2011-04-12 Rich Felkeradd missing rlimit macros
2011-04-11 Rich Felkermore types cleanup
2011-04-11 Rich Felkercleanup types stuff in headers, fix missing u_int*_t...
2011-04-11 Rich Felkeradd some ugly legacy type names in sys/types.h (u_char...
2011-04-11 Rich Felkeradd legacy BSD-style timer*() macros in sys/time.h
2011-04-10 Rich Felkeradd missing UTIME_* macros in sys/stat.h
2011-04-06 Rich Felkerfix typo in sys/msg.h
2011-04-06 Rich Felkeradd IN_LOOPBACKNET constant (nonstandard but in reserve...
2011-04-06 Rich Felkerfix prototype for strsep
2011-04-06 Rich Felkerfix incorrect (and conflicting on LP64 archs) types...
2011-04-05 Rich Felkergetopt.h is a GNU-getopt-specific header. always expose...
2011-04-05 Rich Felkeradd sysexits.h legacy header
2011-04-05 Rich Felkeradd more legacy functions: setlinebuf and setbuffer
2011-04-05 Rich Felkeralternate name for syslog.h
2011-04-05 Rich Felkersupport the nonstandard err.h interfaces