add mips to supported arch list in INSTALL file
[musl] / include /
2012-08-15 Rich Felkerimprove headers to better deal with removed-in-posix...
2012-08-15 Rich Felkeradd missing xattr functions
2012-08-14 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/bsd'
2012-08-14 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/exp'
2012-08-13 nszmath: fix _BSD_SOURCE namespace in math.h bsd
2012-08-13 Rich Felkerremove significandl
2012-08-13 Rich Felkeradd significand[fl] math functions
2012-08-13 Rich Felkerpublicly expose getdents api under _BSD_SOURCE
2012-08-11 Rich Felkeradd bsd fgetln function
2012-08-05 Rich Felkerfix socket.h on mips
2012-07-23 Rich Felkeradd ioperm/iopl syscalls
2012-07-23 Rich Felkeradd splice and vmsplice syscalls
2012-07-23 Rich Felkeradd extended attributes syscalls
2012-07-23 Rich Felkeradd pipe2 syscall
2012-07-22 Rich Felkerfix namespace issue in prototypes in math.h
2012-07-22 Rich Felkerfix wrong size for sigjmp_buf signal set array
2012-07-19 Rich Felkerfix typo in aio.h
2012-07-13 Rich Felkerworkaround another sendmsg kernel bug on 64-bit machines
2012-07-12 Rich Felkerfix redef of sigprocmask constants on mips
2012-07-12 Rich Felkermore mips bits-header fixes
2012-07-04 Rich Felkeradd prototypes for getw/putw
2012-07-04 Rich Felkerjmp_buf overhaul fixing several issues
2012-06-29 Rich Felkerreplace old and ugly crypt implementation
2012-06-24 Rich Felkeradd process_vm_readv and process_vm_writev syscall...
2012-06-21 Rich Felkerproper error handling for fcntl F_GETOWN on modern...
2012-06-19 Rich Felkerinclude declarations for new stdio_ext functions (gnuli...
2012-06-16 Rich Felkerheader file fixes: multiple include guard consistency...
2012-06-13 Rich Felkerrevert one change in time.h; no evidence BSD_SOURCE...
2012-06-13 Rich Felkerfix feature test macros in time.h
2012-06-13 Rich Felkeradd timegm function (inverse of gmtime), nonstandard
2012-06-13 Rich Felkeradd (currently stubbed due to stubbed strverscmp) versi...
2012-06-08 Rich Felkerfix signedness errors in stdint.h constant macros
2012-06-08 Rich Felkerfix sysinfo, try 2. it seems to work this time.
2012-06-08 Rich Felkersysinfo struct was utter nonsense; no idea where it...
2012-06-04 Rich Felker_GNU_SOURCE is supposed to imply _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE
2012-06-02 Rich Felkerdeclare environ in unistd.h when _GNU_SOURCE feature...
2012-05-29 Rich Felkerthere is no such GNU function fpurge, only __fpurge.
2012-05-29 Rich Felkeradd prototype for BSD/GNU stdio *_unlocked extension...
2012-05-29 Rich Felkerremove duplicate lfs64 cruft in stdio.h
2012-05-28 nszmath: fix nextafter definition in tgmath.h
2012-05-23 Rich Felkerdebloat jmp_buf in _GNU_SOURCE mode
2012-05-23 Rich Felkerremove everything related to forkall
2012-05-23 Rich Felkersome feature test fixes for unistd.h
2012-05-23 Rich Felker_GNU_SOURCE implies all BSD features except ones GNU...
2012-05-23 Rich Felkervarious header cleanups, some related to _BSD_SOURCE...
2012-05-23 Rich Felkerbsd_signal is a legacy (removed) XSI function, not...
2012-05-23 Rich Felkersupport _BSD_SOURCE feature test macro
2012-05-21 Rich Felkermove getpass decl to the right place
2012-05-14 Rich Felkeruseless lastlog path just to make some stuff happy
2012-05-14 Rich Felkermissing limit LOGIN_NAME_MAX
2012-05-13 Rich Felkeruse __h_errno_location for h_errno
2012-05-13 Rich Felkersusv4 removed gethostbyname, etc. legacy cruft.
2012-05-13 Rich Felkernamespace cleanup - NI_* is NOT reserved by netdb.h
2012-05-13 Rich Felkersome gnu junk in netdb.h
2012-05-13 Rich Felkerfix missing va_list for vsyslog
2012-05-12 nszsearch: add tdestroy (gnu extension)
2012-05-11 Rich Felkeradd missing IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL
2012-05-11 Rich Felkeradd one more bogus legacy header
2012-05-11 Rich Felkermove vsyslog out of SYSLOG_NAMES conditional
2012-05-11 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/master'
2012-05-10 Rich Felkerfix missing parens in bit op macros (param.h)
2012-05-10 Rich Felkerand another bug in setbit, etc. macros..
2012-05-10 Rich Felkerfix typo in sys/param.h that broke setbit, etc. macros
2012-05-09 Rich Felkeromit declaration of basename wrongly interpreted as...
2012-05-06 Rich Felkersome extra legacy header stuff
2012-05-06 Rich Felkertake byte order from gcc if gcc has defined it
2012-05-06 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/master'
2012-05-06 Rich Felkeradd isastream (obsolete STREAMS junk)
2012-05-06 Rich Felkerfix definitions of FP_ILOGB constants
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeradd *64 junk for sys/*.h headers
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeradd support for ugly *64 functions with _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeruglify headers for the sake of junk that compiles with...
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeradd additional compatibility union member for ipv6...
2012-05-02 Rich Felkerremove minimal linux kernel headers
2012-05-01 Rich Felkersupport alternate glibc name pow10 for exp10
2012-04-30 Rich Felkerfirst try at writing an efficient and "correct" exp10
2012-04-29 Rich Felkeradd linux-specific unshare syscall wrapper
2012-04-22 Rich Felkerimplement getusershell, etc. legacy functions
2012-04-22 Rich Felkergetdtablesize is not standard; move it to its correct...
2012-04-22 Rich Felkerfix breakage in endian.h
2012-04-22 Rich Felkeradd some ugly byte swapping cruft in endian.h
2012-04-22 Rich Felkeradd getresuid and getresgid syscall wrappers
2012-04-18 Rich Felkerfix header typo
2012-04-18 Rich Felkerlegacy junk compatibility grab-bag
2012-04-18 Rich Felkerfix incorrect macro name for MATH_ERREXCEPT in math.h
2012-04-15 Rich Felkermove F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC out of bits
2012-04-14 Rich Felkerrename __sa_restorer to sa_restorer in struct sigaction
2012-04-11 Rich FelkerMerge remote branch 'nsz/master'
2012-04-09 Rich Felkerfix alloca issue in stdlib.h too
2012-04-09 Rich Felkeralloca cannot be a function. #define it to the gcc...
2012-04-03 Rich Felkerremove useless (at best, harmful) feature test checks...
2012-03-31 Rich Felkeroptimize signbit macro
2012-03-31 Rich Felkermake math.h more c++-friendly
2012-03-23 Rich Felkersimplify creal and cimag macros
2012-03-22 Rich Felkeradd creal/cimag macros in complex.h (and use them in...
2012-03-22 Rich Felkertgmath.h: suppress any existing macro definitions befor...
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerfix DECIMAL_DIG definitions
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerinitial, very primitive strfmon
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerlimits.h: support gcc's -funsigned-char
2012-03-18 Rich Felkermove nonstandard gamma() etc. to _GNU_SOURCE only