simplify some logic in scanf and remove redundant invalid-format check
[musl] / include / wchar.h
2013-04-04 Rich Felkereliminate bits/wchar.h
2013-01-19 Rich Felkeruse a common definition of NULL as 0L for C and C++
2012-09-08 Rich Felkerdefault features: make musl usable without feature...
2012-09-07 Rich Felkeruse restrict everywhere it's required by c99 and/or...
2012-03-02 Rich Felkeradd all missing wchar functions except floating point...
2011-09-19 Rich Felkerfix the type of wchar_t on arm; support wchar_t varying...
2011-09-03 Rich Felkerimplement open_wmemstream
2011-05-30 Rich Felkermissing prototypes for mbsnrtowcs and wcsnrtombs
2011-03-29 Rich Felkermissing prototype for wcscoll (stub)
2011-03-18 Rich Felkerimplement [v]swprintf
2011-02-15 Rich Felkermore header fixes, minor warning fix
2011-02-12 Rich Felkerinitial check-in, version 0.5.0