fix reversed argument order x86_64 sigsetjmp's call to sigprocmask
[musl] / include / stdio.h
2013-01-19 Rich Felkeruse a common definition of NULL as 0L for C and C++
2012-12-28 Rich Felkerexpose [v]asprintf under _BSD_SOURCE
2012-12-03 Rich Felkerfeature test macros: make _GNU_SOURCE enable everything
2012-09-08 Rich Felkerdefault features: make musl usable without feature...
2012-09-07 Rich Felkeruse restrict everywhere it's required by c99 and/or...
2012-08-26 Rich Felkerimplement "low hanging fruit" from C11
2012-08-14 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/exp'
2012-08-11 Rich Felkeradd bsd fgetln function
2012-07-04 Rich Felkeradd prototypes for getw/putw
2012-06-04 Rich Felker_GNU_SOURCE is supposed to imply _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE
2012-05-29 Rich Felkerthere is no such GNU function fpurge, only __fpurge.
2012-05-29 Rich Felkeradd prototype for BSD/GNU stdio *_unlocked extension...
2012-05-29 Rich Felkerremove duplicate lfs64 cruft in stdio.h
2012-05-23 Rich Felkersupport _BSD_SOURCE feature test macro
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeradd support for ugly *64 functions with _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE
2011-09-12 Rich Felkeradd prototypes for GNU *_unlocked stdio functions
2011-09-04 Rich Felkerimplement fmemopen
2011-09-03 Rich Felkerimplement open_memstream
2011-06-30 Rich Felkerimplement the nonstandard GNU function fpurge
2011-04-05 Rich Felkeradd more legacy functions: setlinebuf and setbuffer
2011-02-20 Rich Felkerprototypes for GNU asprintf/vasprintf
2011-02-16 Rich Felkermove stdio stuff that's not arch-specific out of bits
2011-02-14 Rich Felkerbegin namespace-cleanup of standard C headers
2011-02-12 Rich Felkerinitial check-in, version 0.5.0