missing limit LOGIN_NAME_MAX
[musl] / include / limits.h
2012-05-14 Rich Felkermissing limit LOGIN_NAME_MAX
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerlimits.h: support gcc's -funsigned-char
2011-06-25 Rich Felkermove all limits that don't vary out of bits/limits...
2011-06-07 Rich Felkerdefine MQ_PRIO_MAX
2011-03-29 Rich Felkerimplement POSIX timers
2011-03-11 Rich Felkerfix sem_open and sem_close to obey posix semantics
2011-03-03 Rich Felkerpreliminaries to adding POSIX semaphores
2011-02-14 Rich Felkerextensive header cleanup for standards conformance...
2011-02-14 Rich Felkerbegin namespace-cleanup of standard C headers
2011-02-14 Rich Felkerreorganize thread exit code, make pthread_exit call...
2011-02-12 Rich Felkerinitial check-in, version 0.5.0