fix dirent.h with _BSD_SOURCE
[musl] / include / dirent.h
2012-08-24 Rich Felkerfix dirent.h with _BSD_SOURCE
2012-08-14 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/exp'
2012-08-13 Rich Felkerpublicly expose getdents api under _BSD_SOURCE
2012-06-13 Rich Felkeradd (currently stubbed due to stubbed strverscmp) versi...
2012-06-04 Rich Felker_GNU_SOURCE is supposed to imply _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE
2012-05-23 Rich Felkersupport _BSD_SOURCE feature test macro
2012-05-04 Rich Felkeradd support for ugly *64 functions with _LARGEFILE64_SOURCE
2011-06-06 Rich Felkerfix handling of d_name in struct dirent
2011-04-03 Rich Felkerd_fileno alias for d_ino in dirent
2011-03-08 Rich Felkerfix typos in dirent.h
2011-03-07 Rich Felkeradd macros for use with d_type extension field in dirent
2011-02-12 Rich Felkerinitial check-in, version 0.5.0