add c11 quick_exit and at_quick_exit functions
[musl] / arch / x86_64 /
2012-08-14 Rich FelkerMerge remote-tracking branch 'nsz/exp'
2012-08-10 Rich Felkeradd defines for number of sigset_t bytes syscalls expect
2012-07-13 Rich Felkerworkaround another sendmsg kernel bug on 64-bit machines
2012-07-10 Rich Felkersupport -mfpmath=387 on x86_64
2012-07-10 Rich Felkerfix wrong value of FLT_EVAL_METHOD for x86_64
2012-07-04 Rich Felkerjmp_buf overhaul fixing several issues
2012-06-24 Rich Felkerupdate syscall defs to latest kernel ones
2012-06-21 Rich Felkerproper error handling for fcntl F_GETOWN on modern...
2012-05-23 Rich Felkerfix missing _BSD_SOURCE support in bits/*.h
2012-04-24 Rich Felkeruse signed char rather than plain char for int8_t
2012-04-15 Rich Felkermove F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC out of bits
2012-04-15 Rich Felkeradd F_SETSIG and F_GETSIG (linux specific) to fcntl.h
2012-03-21 Rich Felkerfix DECIMAL_DIG definitions
2012-02-16 Rich Felkeradd float_t and double_t to math.h
2012-02-09 Rich Felkerreplace bad cancellation cleanup abi with a sane one
2011-10-15 Rich Felkerdon't define wchar_t on c++
2011-09-22 Rich Felkerfix x86_64 user.h (previously was just a copy of i386)
2011-09-22 Rich Felkerwrong __WORDSIZE in x86_64 header
2011-09-22 Rich Felkerupdate syscalls with off_t arguments to handle argument...
2011-09-20 Rich Felkerfix the definition of struct statvfs to match lsb abi
2011-09-20 Rich Felkercleanup redundancy in bits/signal.h versions
2011-09-19 Rich Felkerfix the type of wchar_t on arm; support wchar_t varying...
2011-09-18 Rich Felkercleanup more bits cruft (sysmacros and socket)
2011-09-18 Rich Felkermore bits junk (tcp.h)
2011-09-18 Rich Felkermove invariant netinet/in.h stuff out of bits/in.h
2011-08-23 Rich Felkersecurity hardening: ensure suid programs have valid...
2011-08-14 Rich Felkertypo in macro definitions for x86_64
2011-08-07 Rich Felkerensure the compiler does not move around thread-registe...
2011-07-22 Rich Felkersocket headers macro adjustment - workaround for buggy...
2011-06-26 Rich Felkerfix some symbol resolution issues in dynamic linker
2011-06-25 Rich Felkermove all limits that don't vary out of bits/limits...
2011-06-25 Rich Felkerproper path searching for dynamic linker
2011-06-18 Rich Felkerexperimental dynamic linker!
2011-04-28 Rich Felkeruse compiler builtins for variadic macros when available
2011-04-27 Rich Felkeradd word-sized ctz function to atomic.h
2011-04-21 Rich Felkermove wait.h macros out of bits. they do not vary.
2011-04-20 Rich Felkernamespace fixes for sys/mman.h
2011-04-20 Rich Felkeradd syscall wrappers for posix_fadvise, posix_fallocate
2011-04-17 Rich Felkeroverhaul pthread cancellation
2011-04-15 Rich Felkerfix O_SYNC definition, cleanup fcntl.h
2011-04-15 Rich Felkerfix FAPPEND typo on x86_64 (previously only fixed on...
2011-04-15 Rich Felkerfcntl.h: move macros that do not vary between archs...
2011-04-15 Rich Felkerfix broken fcntl locks on x86_64
2011-04-13 Rich Felkernumerous fixes to sysv ipc
2011-04-13 Rich Felkerfix and cleanup suseconds_t/timeval stuff (broken on...
2011-04-11 Rich Felkermore types cleanup
2011-04-11 Rich Felkercleanup types stuff in headers, fix missing u_int*_t...
2011-04-10 Rich Felkeradd missing float.h macros
2011-04-08 Rich Felkerworkaround broken msghdr struct on 64bit linux
2011-04-05 Rich Felkeradd ip6 pktinfo stuff for x86_64
2011-04-05 Rich Felkeruncomment IP_PKTINFO
2011-04-03 Rich Felkerfix statvfs syscalls (missing size argument)
2011-04-02 Rich Felkerremove obsolete and useless useconds_t type
2011-04-02 Rich Felkersomehow timespec tv_nsec had the wrong type on x86_64...
2011-03-30 Rich Felkeravoid all malloc/free in timer creation/destruction
2011-03-29 Rich Felkersome preliminaries for adding POSIX timers
2011-03-24 Rich Felkeroverhaul cancellation to fix resource leaks and dangero...
2011-03-20 Rich Felkerfix typo in x86_64 part of syscall overhaul
2011-03-20 Rich Felkersyscall overhaul part two - unify public and internal...
2011-03-19 Rich Felkeroverhaul syscall interface
2011-03-19 Rich Felkervarious legacy and linux-specific stuff
2011-03-17 Rich Felkeroptimize contended normal mutex case; add int compare...
2011-03-11 Rich Felkermatch dimensions so we can use all slots without invoki...
2011-03-11 Rich Felkerfix missing ENOTSUP error code
2011-03-10 Rich Felkermake sigaltstack work (missing macros in signal.h,...
2011-02-20 Rich Felkerfill in some missing siginfo stuff in signal.h
2011-02-19 Rich Felkeradd missing WIFCONTINUED macro and improve WIFSIGNALED
2011-02-19 Rich Felkersupport the ugly and deprecated ucontext and sigcontext...
2011-02-17 Rich Felkerreorganize pthread data structures and move the definit...
2011-02-16 Rich Felkermove stdio stuff that's not arch-specific out of bits
2011-02-16 Rich Felkerprotect some limit constants with feature test macros...
2011-02-16 Rich Felkerfix the types of some integer constant limits in headers
2011-02-15 Rich Felkerfix directory reading on x86_64
2011-02-15 Rich Felkerfix x86_64 wrongly reporting itself as ILP32 instead...
2011-02-15 Rich Felkerremove standalone syscall cruft
2011-02-15 Rich Felkerfix some type leakage (timer_t) from x86_64 commit
2011-02-15 Nicholas J. KainOptimize x86_64 atomics to take advantage of 64-bitness.
2011-02-15 Nicholas J. KainRemove __syscall_lseek from x86_64 syscall.h.
2011-02-15 Nicholas J. KainUpdate x86_64 bits to mirror (modulo platform differenc...
2011-02-15 Nicholas J. KainPort musl to x86-64. One giant commit!