fcntl.h: O_SEARCH was missing for powerpc
[musl] / arch / arm / bits / fcntl.h
2012-11-18 rofl0rfcntl.h: O_SEARCH was missing for powerpc
2012-09-16 Rich Felkeradd O_EXEC open mode
2012-09-14 Rich Felkeradd O_PATH/O_SEARCH support to fcntl.h
2012-06-21 Rich Felkerproper error handling for fcntl F_GETOWN on modern...
2012-04-15 Rich Felkermove F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC out of bits
2012-04-15 Rich Felkeradd F_SETSIG and F_GETSIG (linux specific) to fcntl.h
2011-10-05 Rich Felkerfix fcntl O_* flags for arm
2011-09-18 Rich Felkerinitial commit of the arm port