inline syscall support for arm
[musl] / Makefile
2012-08-17 Rich Felkersplit up installation target
2012-08-05 Rich Felkermake dynlink.lo depend on reloc.h in makefile
2012-08-03 Rich Felkerabstract out compiler runtime library for linking
2012-07-11 Rich Felkerchanges to kernel sigaction struct handling in preparat...
2012-05-05 Rich Felkerimprove the build rules for installing /lib/ld-musl...
2012-05-04 Rich Felkermake all .o files depend on *_impl.h and libc.h
2012-05-03 Rich FelkerPIE support for i386
2012-05-01 Rich Felkerreorganize Makefile to support "least surprise" config...
2012-05-01 Rich Felkerremove objcopy --weaken from the makefile
2012-04-22 Rich Felkernew gcc wrapper, entirely specfile based
2012-03-17 Rich Felkerdon't fail on inability to install dynamic linker ...
2012-03-01 Rich Felkersearch internal headers first
2012-02-18 Rich Felkertwo fixes for "make install" handling of shared libs
2011-06-28 Rich Felkerfix a few bugs from last dynamic linking build system...