fix __expf.c (enable __ldexp_cexpf)
[libm] / src /
2012-03-11 nszfix __expf.c (enable __ldexp_cexpf)
2012-03-11 nszfix csinhf
2012-03-11 nszlong double math fixes for LD64
2012-03-11 nszextend cmath (some of the functions are dummy)
2012-03-11 nszinitial cmath code and minor libm.h update
2012-03-07 nszenable complex in libm.h
2012-03-06 nszprefer (uint)-1>>1 to ~((uint)1<<n), remove some unnece...
2012-03-05 nszvarious minor style fixes
2012-03-05 nszuse #if LDBL_MANT_DIG == ... instead of custom LD80...
2012-03-05 nsz < nwmcsween> nsz libm.h slow -> large
2012-03-05 nszrename __rem_pio2_slow to __rem_pio2_large
2012-03-04 nszfix __invtrigl.o symbol names using '__' prefix
2012-03-04 nszremove invalid comment from sqrt.c
2012-03-04 nszfix bit masking hack in fpclassifyl and copysignl
2012-03-04 nszfix bit masking hack in ilogbl
2012-03-03 nszinitial commit