2014-09-03 Szabolcs Nagysem_wait cancellation regression test by Alexander...
2014-09-02 Szabolcs Nagyfix memfill to have malloc
2014-08-27 Szabolcs Nagyadd fgets-eof regression test
2014-08-27 Szabolcs Nagyclean up dn_expand-empty regression test
2014-08-19 Szabolcs Nagyfix memfill to use up libc reserved memory (glibc usual...
2014-08-19 Szabolcs Nagyfix regex-negated-range test to print better error...
2014-08-18 Szabolcs Nagyfix timeout calc in pthread_cond-smasher
2014-08-13 Szabolcs Nagyadd a regex regression test
2014-08-13 Szabolcs Nagyminor fix
2014-08-13 Szabolcs Nagyadd pthread_cond-smasher regression test by Jens Gustedt
2014-08-13 Szabolcs Nagydn_expand regression test
2014-07-30 Szabolcs Nagyadd musl specific __pleval test
2014-07-19 Szabolcs Nagyadd _XOPEN_SOURCE 700 feature test macro to search...
2014-07-19 Szabolcs Nagyfix pthread_mutex test: unlock before destroying a...
2014-07-18 Szabolcs Nagyadd regexec REG_NOSUB regression test by Hiltjo Posthuma
2014-07-16 Szabolcs Nagyregression test for musl built with broken gcc-4.9...
2014-06-19 Szabolcs Nagyadd memmem regression test
2014-05-20 Szabolcs Nagyfix syscall-sign-extend test
2014-05-20 Szabolcs Nagyfix void* pointer arithmetic in string_strchr.c
2014-04-18 Szabolcs Nagyadd wcsstr regression test
2014-04-18 Szabolcs Nagyadd wcsstr tests and new strstr and memmem test cases
2014-04-13 Szabolcs Nagyrlimit regression test
2014-04-09 Szabolcs Nagyfix malloc-brk-fail and memmem-oob tests
2014-04-09 Szabolcs Nagymemmem-oob regression test, update string tests with...
2014-04-07 Szabolcs Nagyprintf %g regression tests
2014-04-05 Szabolcs Nagyprintf oob regression test
2014-03-31 Szabolcs Nagyfix malloc-brk-fail (missing include)
2014-03-31 Szabolcs Nagyregression test for brk failing in malloc
2014-03-19 Szabolcs Nagysimplify sigaltstack test
2014-03-19 Szabolcs Nagysigaltstack regression test
2014-03-18 Szabolcs Nagysign-extend regression test for x32
2014-03-13 Szabolcs Nagyfix snprintf float testcase (uncovered by a recent...
2014-03-12 Szabolcs Nagyadd statvfs regression test
2014-03-03 Szabolcs Nagyadd memfill.c
2014-02-21 Szabolcs Nagyfix runtest: report if sigtimedwait fails
2014-02-21 Szabolcs Nagyremquol: use remquo tests when long double == double
2014-02-15 Szabolcs Nagychange vmfill into memfill that limits heap separately...
2014-02-11 Szabolcs Nagyadd memset(buf, -5, 10) test
2014-02-07 Szabolcs Nagy_XOPEN_SOURCE is not needed in fdopen.c test
2014-02-07 Szabolcs Nagyadd ftello regression test
2014-01-30 Szabolcs Nagyadd simple iconv_open test
2014-01-27 Szabolcs Nagyadd tls_init_dlopen test and fix
2014-01-27 Szabolcs Nagymath/gen: yet another little decimal formatting tool
2014-01-08 Szabolcs Nagyonly test exec* and _exit after vfork, raise is not...
2014-01-08 Szabolcs Nagyadd vfork test
2014-01-07 Szabolcs Nagymath: add drem and dremf tests
2014-01-07 Szabolcs Nagyfix breakage due to the .exe change, add error flags...
2014-01-06 Szabolcs Nagyadd .gitignore, all executables have .exe extension
2013-12-27 Szabolcs Nagyadd argv test and update env test
2013-12-26 Szabolcs Nagysimple clock_gettime test
2013-12-05 Szabolcs Nagymath: only report at most one <2ulp error for acosh...
2013-12-05 Szabolcs Nagyadd iswspace(0) regression test
2013-12-05 Szabolcs Nagyfix fnmatch flag printing and add a few new (regression...
2013-12-05 Szabolcs Nagyfix pointer to int cast in functional/search_hsearch.c
2013-12-05 Szabolcs Nagyfix fgetwc test in api/wchar.c
2013-10-28 Szabolcs Nagymath: add some further fenv rounding mode tests
2013-10-24 Szabolcs Nagyfix api tests (add some obsolete symbols fix wchar...
2013-10-23 Szabolcs Nagyinet_pton: long leading zero sequence is invalid in...
2013-10-22 Szabolcs Nagyfix functional/inet_pton (inet_ntop returns NULL on...
2013-10-22 Szabolcs Nagyadd inet_addr and inet_ntoa tests
2013-10-21 Szabolcs Nagymore inet_pton test cases
2013-10-21 Szabolcs Nagyadd inet_pton (and inet_ntop) functional tests
2013-10-19 Szabolcs Nagyadd an inet_pton regression test
2013-10-08 Szabolcs Nagyregression: mbsrtowcs test
2013-10-07 Szabolcs Nagymath: emit less errors for known broken functions
2013-10-05 Szabolcs Nagyregression: malloc oom errno test
2013-10-05 Szabolcs Nagyregression: setenv-oom test
2013-10-03 Szabolcs Nagyregression: execle test
2013-09-29 Szabolcs Nagyregression: inet_ntop test
2013-09-27 Szabolcs Nagymath: add comparision macro tests (isless etc)
2013-09-27 Szabolcs Nagyfix vmfill.c
2013-09-27 Szabolcs Nagyregression: add invalid ld80 printf test
2013-09-05 Szabolcs Nagyregression: invalid ld80 fpclassify tests
2013-09-05 Szabolcs Nagymath: atanh special cases
2013-09-05 Szabolcs Nagymath: add an expm1l special case
2013-09-05 Szabolcs Nagymath: correct-rounding check in remainder functions...
2013-09-05 Szabolcs Nagymath: add some special case tests
2013-09-03 Szabolcs Nagymath: test cases for rounding functions
2013-08-18 Szabolcs Nagyfix fenv.c tests according to a new interpretation...
2013-08-18 Szabolcs Nagytest fenv functions with bad arguments
2013-08-16 Szabolcs Nagyremove accidentally committed core, add festenv, fegete...
2013-08-15 Szabolcs Nagymath: fix long double fpclassify tests for ldbl==dbl...
2013-08-15 Szabolcs Nagymath: fix lrint, lround, nexttoward tests for ldbl...
2013-08-15 Szabolcs Nagyipc tests: check time intervals (with upper bound)
2013-08-15 Szabolcs Nagyatan2 underflow tests
2013-08-12 Szabolcs Nagymath: fenv status flag fixes
2013-08-09 Szabolcs Nagyadd related commit to raise-race test
2013-08-09 Szabolcs Nagyadd more error checks in raise-race test
2013-08-09 Szabolcs Nagyregression test for a race in raise
2013-08-08 Szabolcs Nagypthread_rwlock regression test
2013-08-08 Szabolcs Nagytest for old pthread_once regression with approximate...
2013-08-08 Szabolcs Nagyadd test for pthread mutex types
2013-08-06 Szabolcs Nagyadd pthread_condattr_setclock regression test
2013-08-05 Szabolcs Nagyfix search_tsearch test
2013-08-05 Szabolcs Nagyunnamed semaphore test
2013-08-03 Szabolcs Nagysimple random test (statistical with very low failure...
2013-08-03 Szabolcs Nagysimple search.h tests
2013-08-02 Szabolcs Nagydon't use _LARGE_FILE in the default config
2013-08-01 Szabolcs Nagyadd exp10l test case (1e-15)
2013-08-01 Szabolcs Nagyadd RUN_WRAP make var to run tests in qemu (app level...