add _DEFAULT_SOURCE wherever _BSD_SOURCE was used
[libc-test] / src / math / lgammaf.c
2015-04-09 Szabolcs Nagyadd _DEFAULT_SOURCE wherever _BSD_SOURCE was used
2013-07-20 Szabolcs Nagyadd feature test macros to non-c99 math tests
2013-07-20 Szabolcs Nagynew test system
2012-11-12 Szabolcs Nagymath: in lgamma* only check signgam when it's specified
2012-11-12 Szabolcs Nagymath: add special case test vectors
2012-10-11 nszmath: add ilogb, fix f_fi tests
2012-10-09 nszmath: add fenv pragma, relax the error check, simplify...
2012-10-09 nszmath: add some float f(float,int) and some float f...