fgetwc may clobber errno when the result is not WEOF
[libc-test] / README
2013-07-26 Szabolcs Nagyrename run to runtest so src/common/run make target...
2013-07-24 Szabolcs Nagymakefile change: B variable is the build directory
2013-07-24 Szabolcs NagyMakefile changes, run target only reruns dynamic tests
2013-07-21 Szabolcs Nagymove config.mak to config.mak.def (so user can freely...
2013-07-20 Szabolcs Nagynew test system
2013-07-08 Szabolcs Nagyreadme update
2013-07-03 Szabolcs Nagyremove obsolete README comment
2012-10-07 nszupdate readme
2012-04-10 nszconfig.mak change should imply recompile (dependency...
2012-03-27 nszupdate readme, add dist/config.mak
2011-07-29 nszreadme fix
2011-07-29 nszbench: pass N as argument, update readme
2011-07-29 nszreadme update
2011-07-27 nszinitial commit