2012-01-29 nszfix balance check in server logic master
2012-01-23 nszbasic test: save server log
2012-01-23 nszsimple test code
2012-01-23 nszfix new server logic
2012-01-19 nszvarious fixes to make testing possible
2012-01-18 nszupdate git clone url
2012-01-17 nszpatches are not needed since go tag weekly.2012-01-15
2012-01-17 nszupdate code to latest go
2012-01-17 nszreadme typo fix
2012-01-17 nszupdate REDME to new urls
2012-01-13 nszserver transactions: channel based sync for each account
2012-01-12 nszfix overview in README
2012-01-11 nszminor README fix
2012-01-11 nszupdated README (about, design, etc)
2012-01-09 nszdocument: benchmark sign and verify (with parsing and...
2012-01-07 nszepoint-client: 1M input limit
2012-01-07 nszepoint-client: raw document signing (without dash escape)
2012-01-03 nszadd fixes by marcell
2011-12-31 nszminor dsa patch fix
2011-12-31 nszfix dsa patches: truncate hash
2011-12-31 nszfix document test
2011-12-30 nszupdate the codebase to latest go src (time, hash, strconv)
2011-12-21 nszepoint-client += query documents by id
2011-12-20 nszepoint-client: separate issuer and holder key gen
2011-12-16 nsz+armorkey, update epoint-client
2011-12-16 nszkey: parse a single key
2011-12-16 nszstore: minor fixes
2011-12-16 nszdocument += sign test
2011-12-15 nszdocument: verify signature
2011-12-13 nszinsert key into store only if it does not exist
2011-12-13 nszfix epoint-client key armor
2011-12-13 nszepoint-client
2011-12-13 nszkey.Id +fmt fixes
2011-12-12 nszupdate server and genkey according to new key pkg
2011-12-12 nszkey cleanup
2011-12-08 nszupdate key to new p,q,g
2011-12-08 nszdsa pqg param generation
2011-12-08 nszdocument comment fixes
2011-12-08 nszcode reorganization
2011-12-08 nszadd NotFoundError to store
2011-12-08 nszdocument parsing: embed Cert into [Debit|Credit]Cert
2011-12-05 nszcheck signatures, addkeys, only drawer.nonce must be...
2011-12-05 nszupdate genkey (+minor cleanups)
2011-12-02 nszdsakey proof of concept (needs cleanup)
2011-12-02 nszfix creationtime patch
2011-12-02 nszopenpgp patch to properly check for creation time subpacket
2011-11-30 nszsignature subpacket patch: mark expiration time as...
2011-11-30 nszsignature subpacket serialization patch
2011-11-29 nszdsa patch for the go source tree
2011-11-29 nszadd simple dsa key generator
2011-11-28 nszclean body in document.Sign
2011-11-25 nszcleanups
2011-11-24 nszallow server signature
2011-11-24 nszugly server implementation without signature checks
2011-11-23 nszuse keyring in verify, add beneficiary to debitcerts
2011-11-23 nszinitial solution for optional fields
2011-11-22 nszdocument rewrite
2011-11-16 nszgofmt store
2011-11-16 nszstore += append
2011-11-16 nszstore simplification (use name,key->value so we can...
2011-11-16 nszsimple store implementation
2011-11-15 nszdocument renames and simplification
2011-11-13 nszextend cert with server and notes
2011-11-13 nszuse reflect for document parsing
2011-11-13 nszinitial document design
2011-11-09 nszupdate readme with urls
2011-11-09 nszinitial commit