2012-11-11 nszfix formula for logb in n1570.html master
2012-09-12 nszmanually fix n1570.html, fix x^y in cpow for n1256...
2012-09-05 nszadd #1.2.3p4 style paragraph links
2011-10-29 nszfix 2<sup>e</sup> in c99 bitwise shift
2011-09-18 nszupdate translit (to handle c++ drafts as well)
2011-08-23 nszfix annot (recognise _ as first char in section title)
2011-07-24 nszadd pre.html version of n1570
2011-07-24 nszremove old c1x draft (n1548)
2011-07-24 nszadd new c1x standard draft (n1570), +pdf2html.sh script
2011-07-22 nszcontent link after each section for easy nav
2011-07-22 nszmanual n1256 fixes (annexes)
2011-07-22 nszfix html escape
2011-07-22 nszcosmetic change (h6 is small on modern browsers)
2011-07-22 nszfix manual n1256 (para, notes)
2011-07-22 nsz<sub>opt</sub> fix
2011-07-22 nszfix <pre> placement in n1256
2011-07-22 nszmove </pre> on new line
2011-07-22 nszannot fix: end pre before para
2011-07-22 nszautomatic <sub>opt</sub>
2011-07-22 nszmanual <sub>opt</sub> fixes
2011-07-21 nszreadme fix, +ann2html todo
2011-07-21 nszallow same noteindex many times, recognize some new...
2011-07-21 nszmanually fix c99 section 7
2011-07-21 nszmanual fix of section c99 6
2011-07-21 nszmanual fix of
2011-07-21 nszmanual fix for
2011-07-21 nszc99 manual dl fix in 5.2.2
2011-07-21 nszformat definitions in section 3.x
2011-07-21 nszfix <a> and <hn> order in section links
2011-07-21 nszremove indent from page comments
2011-07-21 nsztitle fix
2011-07-21 nszsmall footnotes
2011-07-21 nsz+contents, +header links, bold forward ref
2011-07-21 nsznew htmlization approach
2011-07-04 nszpage number shift code (would make sense for html)
2011-07-04 nszfix empty lines around pages, change arrow and sqrt...
2011-07-04 nszadd footnote links
2011-07-04 nszbold common headings Syntax|Synopsis|..
2011-07-04 nsz[0-9].0 is not a section but a float literal
2011-07-04 nszfix section heading heuristic
2011-07-04 nszreadme
2011-07-04 nszremove old c1x draft
2011-07-04 nszfix page links
2011-07-04 nsznewer c1x draft
2011-07-04 nszadd internal links to annexes
2011-07-04 nszsimple conversion to html
2011-07-03 nszfix broken translit rule for floats
2011-07-03 nszpdftotext